I have a money issue

I bought premium just yesterday and i was excited to earn money for the first time, but… somehow whenever passengers board one of my planes i lose money.
Could someone please give me advise or is this a bug?

Can you explain a bit more of your problem?
like - which server, what airline, why do you think you make a loss etc. Show us screenshots and we might be able to help.

So i’m on domination V and i have 5 leased planes.
Anyways here are some screenshots

And after:

That are the costs. Have you scheduled your planes? And activates the flight plans?

Yes i have scheduled my planes and activated the flight plans, just every time one of my planes takes off i lose some money.

How do you know that you are loosing money…?
When did you activate the flight plans?
Which routes do you offer and fly?

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These: https://domination.airlinesim.aero/app/info/enterprises/1717?32

I can see several things that can be improved from the public-facing side. However, your internal operations, i.e. your money flow, are something I am unable to comment on given a lack of information, as @highscore2 alludes to.

You’ve leased 2x A220 and 2x A318, which serve very similar purposes in terms of seat capacity but are two separate maintenance categories. Especially moving forward, fleet consolidation and standardization can save you money due to decreased maintenance costs.

You also leased an A330 right off the bat. Especially as you seem new (ish, given the forums profile at least), long haul is not recommended, as it can be a major loss maker and needs more skill to fill, especially on routes such as those you serve with small or little established schedule demand. You need connections to fill a plane overseas from Hamburg, and that is clearly not the case here, especially when you do not have schedules optimized for such (i.e. arrival/departure waves).

Daily schedules are preferred, for ORS reasons. But if you must or want to serve less than daily frequencies, it is better to space them out. Such as M-W-Sat, Tu-Th-Sat, or W-F-Sun.

Quick looks at the ORS indicate your offering is worse than your competitors - looking at your most “important” routes, 3 airlines are above you in Frankfurt, 2 in Copenhague, and 4 in Zurich (though your price slashing effective 4/1 does mean you beat 2 of those starting on Saturday). You have no one competing in Oslo. I did not see you filling a single flight out of all of the routes I’ve looked, not even to Oslo, which isn’t the greatest of signs.

Again, if you want us to help with specific money flow concerns, you will need to divulge more. If you prefer, there is an official discord channel full of willing-to-help individuals and long-time players. In my experience, this is way easier to help with specific concerns. But can do it over the forums as well, it’s just a bit more public…

I’ll leave you with some recommended readings, community tutorials:

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That is not what I need. Show us your flighplans and the flights per plane. I still do not understand how you want to know that you are loosing money.

So should i cancel all long my haul flights and sell my A330?

It might be useful to read the tutorials and the long and very good analysis of our colleague @jetcruise0707
The main reason why you will not make money is that you have bad seats and bad service. That makes your ORS rating poor. Work on this matter first.
It might be useful to restart and start with a better concept. Then yes, no longhaul for at least 2500 departures from Hamburg.

Ok guess i’l start a new airline.

Before you are doing this, read and watch the tutorials please. Make your thoughts before you start, And restarting is pretty normal - all of us have had several restarts.
Good luck!