I need a bit of help


I’m new-ish to this game, I have the very concept down but I’m still a bit lost.

I know how to start up, I lease aircraft, hire maintenance, create flights, then execute the flight plans, however, I guess I’m very lost as I barely get people buying tickets and often times I just go in debt after a while…

Long story short, I just need some help. I’ve been surfing the forums for a bit now and I don’t see much to help. I do watch tutorial videos but all the videos I find I can’t understand what they are saying.




This is a good place to start.


If you share some of your attempts and your thoughts about why those attempts did not work out, with screenshots, I imagine you’ll find more people willing to help.

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I have provided you with a few screenshots. I took a screenshot of the world I’m playing in just in case it has a factor. I picked the world because it was an older world, hoping that It’d be easier. Also for clarification, I have hired pilots and maintenance company.


Thank you Bobb! I appreciate the help.


You started today. There is one demand calculation time every 24 hours. Wait until the demand is calculated.
It could happen that you cannot fill your plane as you are using very bad seats. If you would watch tutorials carefully, you would have learned that passengers in AS will fly only with luxury cabins. 162 seats in a A320 is too dense. Much too dense.

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You wouldn’t suggest first class, would you?


No… Not on a short route like yours.


I figured. Thanks again, man!