I’ve had two flights canceled for wrong airport?

Hey guys,

I need help!! I’m new to the game and really enjoying it. I’m learning by trial and error the best way to manage my enterprise. In saying this, I’ve got a couple questions that I’m looking for some help.

1- canceled flight for wrong airport. No clue what this is and how to fix it? Two separate flights from same destinations were canceled.

2- after making changes to a route. How to avoid cavales flights? Make changes so they apply tin three days?

Any help would be great!


1 - I guess that you have scheduled the flights not as it should be. You have to start from an airport (your hub) and come back to this airport. Wrong airport means - I guess - that you have missed one leg.
2 - before you change the flightplan, lock it. Then change it. Then activate the flightplan after a while of waiting. Then check if you need to send manually the plane to a new destination (startingpoint of the new routes).

maybe if you select the aircraft, and then the flights tab, post a screenshot of that page and it should be fairly clear

Those first two flights

yep… above that you have “Flight Plan” tab selected…click on the “Flights” tab and screen shot that one

Now my other one going from Toronto to Charlotte was canceled once again.

Ok and what’s the current location of the aircraft?

And can you kindly screen shot the whole page…not just strips

That’s the first flight out of my hub that is Pearson. It comes in from Calgary the night before. This is the same for the whole week. You can’t see the second flight that got canceled to Charlotte but I can screen shot that one too if needed. Thanks for all your help.

I think CB39 was cancelled because it was supposed to leave at 2:30HT, which is 25 minutes before CB3 landed in Toronto.

And it couldn’t transfer to Charlotte in time to make the 4:55 HT departure from there.

Unless I missed something or am not reading that correctly.

Oh that makes a lot of sense and I see that now. Weird how it wasn’t red or anything like that on my fleet Management. I’ll go and change that now and I’ll see if all the flights are backed up because of this.
I’ll get back to you.

Your current flight plan is probably valid so it won’t show in red.

I think you had a flight plan in place with scheduled flights, made changes to the plan, and activated it immediately. This will intermix the old and new flight plans until the old plan runs out in three days.

Or until you cancel some of the conflicting flights during those three days.

That’s exactly what it is. I have to learn to wait 3 days before activating the flights.

Thank you very much for that feedback! Greatly appreciated

Lock the flight plan before you make any changes.

After locking it and making changes, do I activate it? Or activate in 3 days?

If you activate it immediately, you must check the already existing and booked flights for the next 3 days. You should cancel them manually if needed.
Best is to wait and activate in 3 days. But this would hurt you in your first week as you will not earn money. Perhaps it is even better to restart.

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