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Welcome to the Indonesian Aviation Group’s news feed and therfor its enterprise Indonesian Skylines.

The airline Indonesian Skylines (IX) was founded at the 13th October 2013 with its headquarters on the grounds of the Jakarta Halim Airport (HLP) but is operating out of Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK), Surabaya International Airport (SUB) and operates an additional small station at Manado Airport (MDC) which will be shifted to the Ujung Pandang International Airport (UPG). The airline grew fast to the largest airline in Indonesia running already over 1,000 departures every week from CGK. The flight equipment are five ATR 72-500 in the commuter subfleet, 64 Boeing 737 in the mainline fleet and three additional Airbus A330 for international services. Until now all destinations are in Indonesia except Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) as the only international destination.

Current fleet:


 5 ATR 72-500 (+5 planned)


30 Boeing 737-200 Advanced  ^_^ 

13 Boeing 737-300

  5 Boeing 737-400

16 Boeing 737-500


 3 Airbus A330-300

This shall be enough information for now. I'll add some more information. 

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Indonesian Skylines (IX)

Fleet update

Indonesian Skylines had its fleet focus on the expansion on demanded domestic routes. Additionally, the fleet got a new member with the Boeing 727-200 Advanced :lol: of which six frames were leased to support the massive demand on routes in our "triangle" Jakarta -> Surabaya (+ Denpasar) -> Makassar. Anyway, a heavy expansion was made to strengthen the position in the Indonesian market. The fleet today has 159 airframes as follows:


15 ATR 72-500

15 Xian MA-60 (opb. Nusantara Airways)


  6 Boeing 727-200 Advanced  ^_^ 

59 Boeing 737-200 Advanced  ^_^ 

19 Boeing 737-300

17 Boeing 737-400

39 Boeing 737-500


 3 Airbus A330-300


 1 Airbus A330-300X

average age 25.3 years - really Indonesian

Hub update

The hub network today is a four-airport-system with the major hub in Jakarta (377 departures/day) and as secondary bases Surabaya (151 departures/day) and Makassar (100 departures/day). The airport of Medan was recently added to add a dense network on Sumatra (in cooperation with Nusantara Airways) and has already 59 departures daily. Focus city in our network is Denpasar (73 departures/day) to offer good connections to the tourism area at Bali. If you want to connect to our network, please use the ports of entry.

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IAG’s airline Indonesian Skylines is heading back to an old-school design. The new design in simple red and white remember the origin, Indonesia, as the colours were chosen to be identically with the flag’s colours. The font was also changed to a very classy but in the same moment not unmodern. Additionally, Indonesian Skylines was rebranded to be simply INDONESIAN to improve once again the identification with the country. The airline will further improve the national routes with more frequencies on all routes. More Boeing 727-200 and Boeing 737-200/500 will join the fleet in short time. The airline’s CEO said, they would always search for newer series Boeing 737, especially the larger 300 and 400 series planes but there are not many on the market. If the chance exists to get cheap Boeing 737-800, the airline wouldn’t be uninterested to take up these modern jets, too.


Meanwhile, Nusantara Airways, the regional airline subsidiary of Indonesian Skylines, ordered ten more Xian MA-60 to expand the network from its three main stations. It offers cheap fares on sub-routes in Indonesia from "2nd class hubs" in the name of Indonesian. The airline just published its new logo and slogan "for U all (- Nusantara Airways)" featuring a light blue, green and yellow. All flights are operated by NU's MA-60 but NU has no own livery, instead the Xians wear the Indonesian c/s with an almost full red body with a little "operated for U all by Nusantara Airways" sticker in the flashing colours near the cockpit windows and the main entrance door. More Xian MA-60 and maybe MA-600 if available will join the fleet in 2014.


  6 Boeing 727-200 Advanced   ^_^ 

59 Boeing 737-200 Advanced   ^_^ 

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Yes very nice done. There is almost no room left for expansion in Indonesia.. The only reason that you grown so ridicilous fast is using very old (cheap) aircraft and high density seating... I understand that you use this tactic if you kick on beeing the biggest in no-time, but for your fellow CEO's it takes out the fun of the game... Just my 2 cents.... But congratulations.


Yes very nice done. There is almost no room left for expansion in Indonesia.. The only reason that you grown so ridicilous fast is using very old (cheap) aircraft and high density seating... I understand that you use this tactic if you kick on beeing the biggest in no-time, but for your fellow CEO's it takes out the fun of the game... Just my 2 cents.... But congratulations.

Sorry, I wasn't aware that I have a very dense seating. I might just put suites in all classes. I really am sorry.

Too much sarcasm?!  :ph34r:



In fact the reason why I am so successful is that I know what to do since I am playing since 7 years ... and maybe because the country was empty... :P

And as long as I can expand it's a very slow excuse to accuse me of blocking anyone's growth, isn't it? Because anyone can expand. It must not be CGK.

And additionaly I am not stupid, so yes, I use "cheap" aircraft.


II will sent you private message.


Sorry, I wasn’t aware that I have a very dense seating.

I like your selected capacities very much. That´s like looking at seatingcharts of classic timetables from the 1980s with 737-200s and 727s  :wub:


There is almost no room left for expansion in Indonesia

Well - on Dec. 17th we made a data patch an the indonesian airports received new traffic data. Without telling to much, but there should be room for expansion in Indonesia.


Yes, we know Sascha, thanks. And FYI, we had a nice talk in private (no sarcasme), wo everything is "cool".



Focus on money

The largest airline of Indonesia and a company of the Indonesian Aviation Group has become more profitable and is now profitable like never before. In two weeks the airline has expanded the destinations by almost 90% from 31 to 57 and at the same time the number flights flown increased by 6,500 per week from 4,600 to over 11,000. The revenue has been increased by over 80% in just one week from AS$ 112 million to over AS$ 200 million (20,500 AS$/flight) with a resulting profit of about AS$ 55 million making the airline very profitable and extremely fast expanding not just the metal but also the money. Rising the margin from 19% to 27% shows a very good organized expansion, especially in the last two weeks. In the same time the income has become larger the salaries for over 17,000 was increased by 5%. 

The heavy metal

INDONESIAN is known to be the only airline on this planet  ^_^ operating the ol' classics of ancient aviation eras: Boeing 727 and Boeing 737-200. Already 23 Boeing 727-200 Advanced and 81 Boeing 737-200 Advanced embellish the fleet of 92 Boeing 737-300/400/500, 25 Boeing 737-600/700/900ER (yes, Boeing 737 NG), six Airbus A330/A340 and 25 ATR 72. The average has decreased to 23.3 years (pretty normal for Indonesia ...)  :blush: 


Always a pleasure to read your press-releases :) .

Btw my main Indonesian company operates a fleet with an average age of 23,6 years ;)  and at the moment one of my subsidiaries is due to introduce the 119-seat BAC One-Eleven into service :wub:  . You can see me inhaling the warm air coming out of the APU-exhaust.

One journalist asked me about the nearly 50-year old fleet of DC-9s but I assured him that these aircraft look and smell better than most people :P .



Thank you.  :blush:

Well, now it's 22.6 years...  ^_^ I remember the BAC 1-11-500, it's a quite nice plane if you can fill it. Very profitable.  :lol: When founding the subsidiary Nusantara I first thought about using Antonov An-24... but, that's honestly impossible (maybe I get one just for fun...).  And the MA 60 is almost the same plane, at least the optics, so...  :wub:

I think the DC-9 is a very nice plane and it really might not smell as bad as some people.  :ph34r: Congratulations to your nice fleet of old and modern ladies, and those nice 757s.  :D


I remember the BAC 1-11-500, it’s a quite nice plane if you can fill it. Very profitable.

Call me crazy but you are right: Three (of eight) BAC´s are now used in active service and they are making very high profits! Some citizens complained because of the noise generated by the RR Speys and some windows shattered because of the vibrations. On top of that, some protesters saw the CEO of Sparrow Air smiling because of these effects!

Well, now it’s 22.6 years…

 "A very young and modern fleet..." ;)  :wub:

And the MA 60 is almost the same plane, at least the optics, so…   :wub:

Correct! One of my latest attempts if to allow a profitable operation of HS748s alongside the ATP at Sparrow Connection. The ATP is profitable an dthe HS7 is on her way to be profitable too :wub: . The propellers of the HS7 produce a very high pitch of noise and the CEO of Sparrow ir is very pleased to make some people angry with the "Budgie". The selection of specific types is part of my aim to reach the goal to make these types profitable.

I think the DC-9 is a very nice plane and it really might not smell as bad as some people. 

Sparrow Air is pleased to send you a voucher for one return-flight for each Douglas-type operated by Sparrow Air! This means that you will be able to enjoy rides aboard the DC-9-10/-20/-30/-40/-50, MD-81/-82/-83/-87 and MD-88 as well as the MD-90 and MD-95 (ehh Boeing 717). :wub:

The voucher for you also includes a flight from Europe (Istanbul or Moscow) to Indonesia (and back) aboard our modern Boeing 757-200ER!*

* Make sure that you select a seat at an overwing exit-row. There is a little bit more legroom :excl: . 


As the leader of the Indonesian archipelago we want to show off!  -_- 

We increased our margin and profit massively in the last weeks and were able to make over AS$ 70m in the last weeks which are still increasing. Thank God we have these majestic :excl: JT8D beasts  :excl: roaring into the skies of Indonesia. Additionally, we leased 12 Boeing 757-200 and started first routes to Malaysia with Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Our next target is to get in the 20 most precious airlines of the world! And sorry Arjen and RoyRoy, I just signed a leasing package for many Boeing 737-700/800, Boeing 737-500 and a cute Boeing 737-400! :D





INDONESIAN bought Garuda Connect

The airline INDONESIAN announced today the take-over of the small Indonesian airline Garuda Connect which will be rebranded as INDONESIAN connect soon. Besides the new brand some other major changes were made already:

  • the operational (maintenance, ground services...) headquarters were moved into the INDONESIAN building at the grounds of Soekarno Hatta Int'l Airport
  • the financial and planning (acquiring fuel, planing pilots and planes ...) headquarters were moved into the INDONESIAN Phoenix Tower in the Jakarta city center
  • effective 1 Feb 2014 all flights from the Jakarta hub are ceased
  • all planes are at the new and only hub at Denpasar Int'l Airport effective 2 Feb 2014
    • ​Denpasar will be used as a new gate airport for Australia and New Zealand
  • all planes are already retrofitted with INDONESIAN standard cabins
  • painting of all planes into the INDONESIAN c/s until end of April
  • new maintenance points for the whole INDONESIAN group from 1 Apr 2014
    • ​Jakarta ~ Airbus A320 (planned) - Airbus A330 - ATR 72 - Boeing 727 - Boeing 737 - Boeing 757
    • Surabaya ~ Airbus A320 (planned) - Airbus A330 - Boeing 737 
    • Makassar  ~ ATR 72 - Boeing 737 - Xian MA60
    • Denpasar ~ Airbus A320 - Boeing 787 - Sukhoi SSJ - Xian MA60
    • Medan ~ Boeing 737 Classic + NextGen - Xian MA60
    • Balikpapan (planned) ~ Airbus A320

With INDONESIAN (1.79m PAX, No. 19 worldwide, No.3 in East Asia), INDONESIAN connect (120k PAX), Nusantara Airways (82k PAX) and Hanya Indonesia (34k PAX) the INDONESIAN group is one of the most important group of airlines in East Asia and is still growing rapidly. Today another leasing deal for one Boeing 737-900ER and six more Boeing 737-800 was signed.



INDONESIAN in talks with Boeing

Indonesian's flag carrier INDONESIAN signed an MoU with Boeing's Commercial Airplanes division for 12 Boeing 787-8 to be delivered this year in two versions with 319 seats for the Asian and Australian market and 250 seats for the Arabian market. As the Boeing 787 has a smaller cabin than the current Airbus A330-300 with First Class the Boeing 787-8 will only have Economy and Business. Additional to those 12 planes nine Boeing 787 are stated which will be delivered once the Boeing 787-9 is available but not all are meant to be the larger version, CEO said.

On a side note of a press release the airline stated that also negotiations for an order for up to 200 narrowbodies are running with Airbus, Boeing and UAC. The airline seems to be interested in the three categories 130 - 140 / 160 - 170 / 190 - 200 seats which would mean for Airbus the A319 / A320 / A321 NEOs, for Boeing the Boeing 737-7 / 8 / 9 MAX and for UAC the Irkut MS-21-200 / 300 / 400. 



INDONESIAN signs contract for 50 Airbus A321

The CEO of INDONESIAN Skylines signed today the deal with Airbus SAS to order two packages of 25 Airbus A321-200 Enhanced each. Delivery date wasn't stated. The planes will be equipped with an upgraded cabin to serve solely the international markets. Targeted are India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, China and Taiwan from Jakarta - if it's successful Surabaya or Makassar will be added as operating bases. Hanya Asia will cease all operations to Malaysia and Thailand then and is going to shift all services to the Singapore Changi base. Hanya Indonesia will cease operations out of Balikpapan and Banjarmasin since INDONESIAN connect made these services unnecessary. Hanya Indonesia will serve the leisure and low fare market between Indonesia and Australia from the main airports in Jakarta, Surabaya and from the Australian side, Darwin Airport.



INDONESIAN on its predetermined place in the food chain:

Indonesia's flag carrier is going forward in the list of the largest airlines! No. 11 of the world's largest airlines and No. 2 in whole East Asia with over 2.1m passengers last week. And that all with a small fleet with just about 370 planes. To compare: The next airline above (worldwide) has 300 more planes, the airline below us has 100 planes more than INDONESIAN. Even INDONESIAN connect (now only operating out of Denpasar) has increased its passenger count flown by 30% since the take-over two weeks ago - it now transports 160,000 passengers a week. The whole group flies nowadays almost 2.5m passengers every week.

INDONESIAN is also doing an image campaign to make Indonesia also interesting as a "travel through" destination which is growing fast on the people.



'We are quite happy to announce the finalization of the deal of Airbus A321 with Sharklets and our new widebody type Boeing 787-8. 25 Airbus A321-231 Enhanced will be delivered throughout the next weeks, the first six Boeing 787-8 will be delivered from now, too. These planes will give our passengers a new experience of flying. The Airbus A321 and Boeing 787 will have our new red & white lether seats in different versions depending on the class. Additionally, the new mood-lighting will bring more enjoyable flights especially on our longhaul flights to Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Jeddah. The Airbus A321 will introduce more international routes and will further improve the quality of our yet so small international network which will then be expanded by more destinations.' - CEO Arief Septian Panggabean