If you are good at logo creation ... read this!

Would anyone be interested in creating a big and small logo for my Airline ‘O-Canda’? It doesn’t need to be ANYTHING SPECIAL, but all I ask is that the colors being used are red, white and possibly a maple leaf.

here’s a pretty simple logo for you
I assumed it’s “O-Canada” not “O-Canda”

let me know if you need changes or had a different idea in mind

OCanada OCanada_small%20

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As a canuck I approve :slight_smile:

However it lacks references to hockey, Tim Hortons, ketchup potato chips and the awe inspiring poutine




Terrible topic name.


I like O-Canda. Better than O-Canadá.

To the OP…please do not use click bait titles on this forum. There really is no need.

Thank you so much! I really enjoy it as I asked for simple, you delivered!