Image going down

So I have been playing this game on the new server Meigs, and for some reason, my image on my company overview is in the green, but the arrows are going down (red), and have been for some time. I dont understand why. My flights are fully booked, my image on all my routes is pretty good, with nothing in the red. So needless too say, i’m sad and confused. What is going on?!?! Help please!


every single flight gets an image rating. The average image rating of all your individual flights produces the image of your airline. Don’t worry about your image if you have 3 or 4 green bars. It can show a negative tendency for weeks without loosing a green bar, and show a positive tendency for weeks without gaining a green bar. If you (for example) add an older plane to your fleet, you may see that red arrow without actually loosing a green bar.

If you are interested in the details, here is how it more or less works… Factors that influence the image rating of every individual flight are:

seat space

forget about this one, you need to remove half of your seats to get one extra green bar.

aircraft type

in general passengers prefer new types over planes that are out of production, and passengers prefer jets over turboprops. Every type of plane has it’s own rating and you can only influence this factor when you lease or buy a plane.

aircraft age

a new plane starts with 5 green bars. As it gets older, it’s rating goes down. Lease new planes rather than old ones to improve this factor.

aircraft condition

goes up and down with the maintenance condition of your plane. If you scheduled two maintenance blocks per day, you should get around 4 green bars for this factor.

flight attendants

more flight attendants than legally required will give you a higher rating. When you define your cabin configuration, the system will by default appoint the minimum number of flight attendants. Add more flight attendants to get a higher rating.

staff mood

pay higher salaries to increase the staff mood. One dollar more or less than the average of your country will show a green or red arrow, but won’t (noticably) change the rating.

So all these factors will produce the image of a flight, and the average of all these ratings result in the image rating of your airline. And that average rating is one of several factors that decide how much passengers like to fly with your airline.


cool thanks! So I shouldnt worry?

You should Increase your saleries if you haven’t done it so far to at least 5 or better even 10% above Market average. When you reach 5 Green Bars its enough if you pay just a little more then average. These figurs might change so better have a look at least one time a week ;)

coo, thanks guys! I figured thats how you did it and have always done it that way haha. But my salaries have been up 10% for weeks now and they’re moods are still at 1 bar :confused:

After I’ve observed the same phenomenon: Your current fleet aircrafts are getting older, this lowers your image rating a bit. After leasing/buying another new aircraft, you’ll automatically raise the average fleet age and therefore your image rating. Nothing to worry about.