Improving Load factors

Hey everyone!

I have a question. I have done some reading through the Wiki but would like to ask for your opinions and help. Im no stranger to Airline Sim but am not an expert haha!

What are some areas that I should be focusing on that can help improve my load factor?

Can I reach a fairly high load factor even at quieter airports?

Do the small things like comfort and having terminals increase load factors?

Thanks guys, and hope to hear from you! :)


Comfort and service -> hell yes

Terminals -> A bit, but it takes a year plus to get your investment back.

On smaller airports you have to use smaller airplanes.

improve my load factor?

- Adjust your fares

- Optimize your service/comfort

- Schedule the right-sized aircraft

- A nice hub-policy can also help to increase load factors on existing flights through connecting passengers

Thanks for the tips! :)