Incorrect Local Time?


I usually use UTC but wanted to try Local Time (LT). In Game World > Settings I changed the Global time setting to “local time”. I expected this to change my local time to UTC -8, but instead I am seeing a LT that corresponds to UTC -6. (it is 2 hours off)

Is there a fix or a manual override in this scenario?


Most likely cause: AS doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time to spare everyone’s sanity. But if you’d tell us which airport you’re talking about we might be able to confirm that.


I thought Local Time (LT) referred to my real-life local time? Thus my airport would be irrelevant.


Local Time in AS is context-specific, so when displaying an airport for example, times would be displayed in that airport’s local time, not the user’s.


Thanks for explaining. This was not clear to me at all.

Perhaps we could move this to the requests section, where I could request User Time as a universal option? For example, if I have an aircraft delivery at 22:06 UTC, I’d like to be able to make a mental note to log on at the appropriate local time without constantly having to do messy arithmetic in my head.


Please check your Fleet Management. All delivery dates for fresh ordered aircrafts are shown there in your HUB-Time and not in UTC.

BTW: I like to do a lot of “messy arithmetic in my head” because it keeps my brain busy :slight_smile:


No. What he meant was a time setting of wherever he is at that time.

Personally, I don’t think that’s really necessary. As long as you know how much hours of differentiation between you and that airport, you can always calculate easily.