Interlining & staff salaries calculation in weekend closing

When do interlining staff get added to the weekend closing?

I had thought it would only be after the interlining agreement was signed, but I was just charged for an interlining agreement I had not yet signed.

I received an offer of interlining from a large airline, which would require 77 staff to manage. As it was just before my weekend closing, I decided not to action it until after that week's salaries had been paid. However, the salaries deducted included these 77 staff who I had not yet agreed to hire.

This seems weird to be charged for an interlining agreement which has not been accepted, or I have misread something?

I'm sorry, that I don't have an answer for you right now. I opened a ticket for checking this. I'm sure there will be an answer and/or solution within the next few days.