International flight


I have another problem. While my domestic flights are all fully booked, I cannot have a decent amount of passengers in my international flights.

I use small aircrafts at the moment (CRJ 700) and I'm on top of ORS on those flights. The airports that I am trying to connect are 5 to 6 bar like my hub (6 bar). Why I can fill a flight to a 4 bars domestic airport, but not a 5 to 6 bars international airport?


Luperco, those international passengers are already using thousands and thousands of connections to the international airport. So you will only get very small share of them. You need to do more domestic networking to get more flights to/from other domestic airports, and those domestic flights must be able to connect to your international flight (check minimum transfer time as well as departure/arrival hours). Also you NEED (and I stress that word, NEED) to interline in your international destination, so passengers can go also to other airports within that country. E.g. you fly to CDG, but only a portion of pax want to go to CDG, with interline at your destination (CDG) you will be able to fly them to FRA, BER, MAD, BCN, LHR etc. *** this is an example***

sending you a PM - suggestion

The Interline agreement are quite expensive. Is there a way to evaluate how much they will cost, before propose one?

And, are you suggesting to connect with my hub also smaller (2-3 bars) domestic airports and already served bigger ones, before go international?