Is there a way to install new seats on all the A/C on a specific route?

I have a short high density route served by 20 aircraft each with 4 flights a day making a total of 80 flights. Say I'd like to update all the 737-800s on this route with new seating, all the same cabin layout. Is there some (easy) way I can do the update on exactly those aircraft scheduled on this route, or do I have to sort through the aircraft one by one and find them all by hand?

Go to route details page, jot down the aircraft registration, go to fleet management, tick the aircraft and change the config. That, I think, is the only way, if you don't leave notes on the aircraft stating which airports they fly to. 

This is why I keep my "fleets" separated by the type of aircraft and their configuration. Very quick and easy to find, and if I want to alter all my planes from one configuration to another, just click on the 'All' button on the bottom, choose the configuration, and bam. Done.

But LJ is right. The best (and really only, that I know of) way to do it is through the Fleet Management screen.

What I did in the end was to screen scrape the routes page and dump it into a spreadsheet, then chopped off the uninteresting bits, made a pivot table by A/C type and then used this list to manually mark the A/C in the fleet management page.