Lay off employees or fire them

Hi. There needs to be a button to fire unruly employees without having to pay severance pay. If the mood is bad, you should have the option to “fire” them instead of having to lay them off and pay 6 weeks pay. In real life, I have never been given “severance pay” - Don’t really even know what it is. They just let you go, and that’s the way it is. So there should be a hard coded way to fire people, and the way to implement that is by their mood. You should have the option to layoff someone, or fire them depending on their mood.

Well this really depends where you are from. While in US you can lay of employees any time without any severance pay that is very different in Europe were worker rights are a thing. In AS each country employment laws are not simulated and we have a generic 6 weeks pay to lay off employees.

If your staff is in bad mood, there’s a big probability that it’s your fault.

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This. It’s ridiculously easy to get staff mood to 5 bars in the game and keep it there forever. If the mood is low then you simply haven’t been trying.

Really? Haven’t been trying? Everyone STARTS OFF in a bad mood. So I try to adjust the pay reasonably, but not so much that it runs me out of business. IT’s just like real life. Except they never really get happy. I’m only talking about how to deal with the redundant personnel. There should be a “fire” button available if the mood is bad.

Staff starts off in a neutral mood. Always. Make sure to pay them above average wage to increase their happiness.

And staff in bad mood shouldn’t be fired. Doesn’t work like that in the real world.

You know what? In Sweden it is almost impossible to fire someone. I work in a Union and trust me it’s hard to fire someone because you need very serious reasons with evidence and even then you need to report it to the union and employee at least a week before. Both the Union and employee can request an investigation in the matter which will further delay the process (even by months). Only when the investigation is done can the employee be fired. And you pay the employee salary throughout the whole process.

Therefore in Sweden “layoffs” are usually used as an excuse where the employer needs to pay the employee 3-month salary and something extra (usually a couple more salaries) so that he denounces the right to come back when there is a vacancy.

With Swedish standards, it is actually cheap to lay people off in AS.

Pay them 50% above country average or more for about 2-3 weeks, watch as the mood quickly rises to 5 green bars, then lower the wage to just slightly above average and it will keep the mood at 5 bars forever (unless some other airline in the same country is raising its wages and thus raising the country average).

If you’ve let the mood go into the red, you might need a bit longer to reach those 5 green bars, and might have to pay more than 50%. But it won’t take long until your staff worship you. And then you can lower the wages again.

As has been said, the game is based on the European system, where workers’ rights and labour laws are a thing, not the medieval US system. You can’t simply tell an employee “don’t come to work tomorrow and your payment stops now”.

I suggest to pay them double the default salary. Or put 9999 and let the game adjust it to maximum money you can pay. Let the weekend closes, then you will get all five bars green. Immediately, change every salary to something a little bit higher than country’s average to keep it steady.