Leasing in short-term worlds

Hey all - I have a relatively simple question. In a short-term world, can airlines lease aircraft to other players? I know this can be done on long term worlds, but I’m not sure for short-term, and since I didn’t find the answer in the forums I want to ask.
And does the plane need to be fully paid in cash, or can planes bought on credit be leased to others too?
And finally, does the plane add a maintenance category (and its costs) if I don’t operate that fleet already, even though that plane is not in active service?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Aircraft leasing isn’t limited by the type of game world.
You can offer aircraft for lease on the market even if you don’t fully own those aircraft (it does restrict the available pricing range though, depending how much of the loan has already been paid off).

In regards to the maintenance categories, only those aircraft count that are available to you in fleet management. So when you’ve leased out an aircraft (or even just placed it on the market), it doesn’t count towards your maintenance categories anymore.

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