LET 410 cabin crew problem


I have a problem assigning cabin crew for LET 410s - when in cabin configuration screen it resets itself to 0 each time, no matter what number I set nor what type of seats there are. No such problems with Q400As I have in my fleet. Anyone else noticed that? And what could that be, a bug?

Any help appreciated.

There is no F/A jumpseat in most 19 seaters. It is not a bug.

Then why I have an option to set up to 2 cabin crew?

What does it say under current/ maximum?

(honest question, I don’t have any 19 seaters currently to test this out)

current/maximum 0/2

The current configuration is acceptable!

The problem I have is that the current value is always 0, no matter what I do. Strange.

It is just impossible to place F/As in planes with under 19 seats. That there are 2 “possible” shown is maybe just a programming “failure”. :)

Well, I’m not an aviation expert, just like that kind of games and I’m sure a lot of other players are the same. It would be great if anyone could confirm it is a case in game, that all small planes cannot have a cabin crew and if so, where is the treshold?

What confirmation do you need? Just trust me/us. With 20+ passengers you will be able to place a F/A - beyond is just not possible. In RL, I can’t imagine any “airline” would have a F/A in such a small plane, so it is in AirlineSim.

I’m taking that as a confirmation then, although what is true in real life doesn’t necessary have to be in the game. Would still be good if the values shown on the configuration screen are corrected to simply show 0 maximum cabin crew for those small planes.

Thanks for your replies, I guess I need to simply get rid of those LETs. One more thing, do you know if Embraer ERJ-135 with 37 seats would be big enough for some F/A?

Yes. From 20 on there are F/As possible. The E135, also this plane is not efficient, should have 2 of them.

JAR-OPS 1.990

Number and composition of cabin crew

(See IEM OPS 1.990)

(a) An operator shall not operate an aeroplane with a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of more than 19, when carrying one or more passengers, unless at least one cabin crew member is included in the crew for the purpose of performing duties, specified in the Operations Manual, in the interests of the safety of passengers.

(B) When complying with sub-paragraph (a) above, an operator shall ensure that the minimum number of cabin crew is the greater of:

(1) One cabin crew member for every 50, or fraction of 50, passenger seats installed on the same deck of the aeroplane; or

I've just hit the same problem - this time with the Viking DH7.  Now, the next question is - if there are no flight attendants, does it make sense to provide any on-board service?

Yes. it makes sense and it will influence your flight rating. For short routes you can provide snacks, a drink and lunch bag etc.