Loads just go down

HELP!! I really should have done this before now, but my loads just keep going down. I cant seem to get them back up, and therefore only about 2 of my routes are actually making money anymore, where i used to have 100 full routes.

I just dont know what I can do to keep my loads high enough to make a profit :(

My airline is Fly away air in Aspern.

The AGEX is reducing on aspern over the last few weeks so the overall demand of people that like to travel is reducing. You normally don't need a 100% full route instead ask yourself what you can do .... in general you have quite a few options. First go to the ORS and have a look at your Rating and see if you are able to improve it for example by increasing your service, lower the Price. You can also upgrade your seats, with better seats you can reduce the numer of passengers in your airplane but offer at the same time better seats and you may also keep the actual price since the price might be now justified with the new seats. Last Options change to smaller planes, reduce the Price and at very last option cancel the route and look for a better on. Also think about interlinings that may suit your business ...