Logo and livery

Hi, is there someone who can design a logo and livery for me? 

What is the airline? Send a link?

Airline is Sunny Tommy on Pearls. There are all kinds of airliners in different countries operating under this name (Sunny Tommy Argentina, USA, Colombia etc).

My idea:

If you have a look at this link: http://s611.photobuc…esized.png.html

I really like the last livery. Can you make me one but then instead of the light blue a bright green color (the same color as Kulula Airlines is flying with in real-life). And than for the darker blue line behind the wing, the same green color but than a bit darker. At the front of the plane is now the KLM name. Can you make the name Sunny Tommy of it in the same Kulula-green color? And in regard of the name at the tail. There is now KLM written horizontal. Can you make it Sunny Tommy in Kulula-green? And instead of writting Sunny Tommy horizontal on the tail, can you do this vertical, so the name fits better on the tail. If you think that the green is to “hard and bright”, i’m fine with making it a bit less hard and bright. But please keep the Kulula-green idea. Would be nice if the aircraft can be a B787, B777 or Bombardier CRJ-700.

And than in regard of the logo: Can you make me a Sunny Tommy Group logo?

I’m looking for something like this: http://99designs.com…r /> 

The sun may be in gray (not to dark). Than the name Sunny Tommy in Kulula green. 

Do you think you can help me with it?



I'm not really into copying other person's/company's designs. I tend to be much more free-hand and creative. Someone might be able to help you with copying KLM's design and Kulula's colors.

As for the logo, it's possible, but the specific green.. we'll see.

Kulula bright green - 70b42b / 549513 / 69c421 / 4fc016 / 6aca1e / 62c81c

Kulula dark green - 379d2f

The codes are color codes in Windows

somo kulula livery


@Caithes: I understand that you are not really into copying some liveries. Although these liveries are not designed by KLM and the Kulula color is only to show you what my idea is, you are open to use your own ideas on the livery. Its not my goal to use an exact copy of Kulula livery our KLM livery, so if you have some other thoughts, feel free. But the KLM livery (which actually isn't a KLM livery) and the Kulula color (which actually only is a color) should be the basis for the new Sunny Tommy livery. If you can help me with it, that would be great.

@Rubio: thanks for the codes. The Kulula livery looks great.

Hi can someone do a livery and logo to my airline, the name is NextJet Sweden @caithes