Long haul flight challenges

Just started to do Long Haul flights with some 757s. The loads from my hub are not too bad but the flights from destination on the way back are horrible. Both flights have good connections times. Outbound takes in a lot of connections and the inbound should serve a lot of outbound connections.

What am I missing?

Which server, which airline and how long are those flights activated?

Are the connections for your inbound flight already full?

besides connection time - do the inbound flights have good connections in a direction which makes sense?

inbound coming from west - are there connections to east?


Wright, AcuWings, IST-DEL / IST - HKG … They both suffer a lot on the way back.

Yes, yes and yes… :slight_smile:
The flight coming from East , provides convenient connections further down west.
Suprisingly, that is the area that I am having issues. The plane from HKG/DEL comes empty despite the convenient connection times onward in IST.

I am not playing on Wright, hence the question if there are many direct flights from DEL to Europe for example. DEL-LHR might be the main trunk route. If there are many direct flights, your portion of passengers will be smaller of course.

Have you left it 3 booking cycles? (72hrs?) You opened Delhi station yesterday?

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That’s what I also wanted to know…

I guess that is part of the problem… I found it amazing that outbound legs are full already but the inbound ones are still in dismal condition.

Usually, not waiting >72h IS the problem.

How are the bookings now?

Already full outbound legs are easy to explain when demand >> supply:
Your IST-DEL gets plenty of bookings within hours (connecting pax!), the inbound however is only booked once a day - ground network connectors withstanding.

It’s getting better… Thanks for all the support.