Low load factory


I recently started an airline and i have less than 29% load factory why so?

INFO:1)all my routes have high demand

         2)my price performance ratio on all flights its 4 bars or higher

         BTW I start the airline 4 days ago


could you provide us with some more details? Where is your airline based, what service settings do you use, what aircraft type do you use (and whats the age of your aircrafts), on which server are you?



Service:Economy 0-3500km 4 star rating

                Bussines 0-3500km 2 star rating

Fleet: 2 boeing 737-800 and a recently purcased boeing 737-600 HGW         

             Average age 4.0                               


EDIT:Check my airline routes my airline name is Cyprus Air

Okay, I think to start in a rather small market like LCA 738s are too big. I would rather start with CRJ700/900 or EMB190/195 or even ATR72/Dash8-Q400. The routes you are operating on are already overserved by other airlines, f.e. on your route to ATH there are currently about 40 daily flights. I would rather try to find some niche markets and operate them with smaller aircrafts. Once your airline has grown a bit you can switch to routes which are working nicely to larger aircraft. But first you need to generate some connecting passengers.

Duoflyer is correct.

Smaller airplanes require less fuel, less maintenance, and generally have lower costs across the board. They're also easier to fill, of course. But don't worry so much about your load factors. 30% is pretty low, but if you are making a profit, then at least your airline is stable.

I just want to stress something that was mentioned in the previous post. Connecting passengers. Most people don't know this is a huge part of the simulation. Unless you are lucky enough to be a large airline in a 9 or 10-bar demand airport, your hub isn't going to generate enough passengers for you and everyone else using that particular airport. Fly them from one airport to your hub, and then your hub to their final destination. Try to time your flights to so passengers can easily transfer aircraft going in one direction. For instance, if your hub was in Denver, you'd want the planes arriving from the east to sync up with the ones taking off to travel west. Ideally, transfer passengers (internal and external) should amount to about 45-65% of your total passengers.

Thank you all for your support!! :) :)