maintainance ratio 0.0% what would happen?

I set 1 plane 3 flight. used up all time. full the table. what will happen?


your plane will fly until it’s technical condition drops below 50. Then it is automatically grounded until all necessary maintenance is done. Scheduled flights are cancelled until the plane is fixed. It is a bit of an expensive way to do your maintenance :P

But seriously, you have to schedule at least two hours of maintenance time per day. Mind you, a plane may need four hours per day to reach a maintenance ratio of 100%. Some maintenance contractors are cheaper, but they work slowlier. Older planes also need more maintenance than new planes. And the number of cycles also influences maintenance time… a plane that flies five 500 km trips will need more maintenance than a plane that flies one 2500 km trip.


Check out the wiki, its adamantly clear about that.

Not quite clear. I have just leased an aircraft which is at 48% maintenance. I canceled the first three days of flights, so it is not in the air at all. It is still at 48%. What should I do to jump-start maintenance on this bird?


this question pops up every now and then.

The fleet list shows the condition of the plane when it lands. Unfortunately it does not tell you when the maintenance is finished. So you only see the new/updated condition of the plane when it takes off for the next flight.

I usually activate new flight schedules with a two or three day delay, so I don’t know how long it takes to fully repair a plane from 48% back to 100%. But I imagine half a day should be okay.


Thank you, that makes sense.