Maintenance Help

I am looking for help regarding Maintenance on my aircraft. I can see in ‘Fleet management’ that my aircraft condition is 84%. Is this low? Should it be higher? If so, how do I make it higher?

My airline is called Mimosa International


If the AC condition is over 50% all is fine. The maintenance ratio should be between 100%-150% and then the AC is repairing it self.

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can I also ask, is there a way to discontinue a route in say 3 days time when there are 0 bookings?

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The short answer is yes.

Lock flightplan -> Chang flightplan as you want it -> activate flightplan -> check AC is on the right airport in flight-tab

How do i get the ratio up? It’s currently on 0%

To have a maintenance period you have to schedule the aircraft to have a 4 hour block on the ground. To get a ratio of 100% it depends on the number of flights and lengths, however if you aim to have your aircraft on the ground around 6 hours per day it should be close