Maintenance Problems

Dear all,

I am quite new to this game and I am throughly enjoying it. But I am having real problems with my aircraft Maintenance. All my maintenance ratios are over a 100%. Is this too low? What should I aim for?

I now have my 5 of my fleet grounded and they don’t seem to be repairing themselves! My profits are going down the drain and I may have to close and restart.

Please help!!

Make sure, that there is a maintenance window every day! The % wont go up, before it comes to such a "window".

Also make sure that you use Helvetic Maintenance as a provider, since it’s the best. (Using Helvetic, you can have your planes down to 100.00%)

My Aircraft get at least 6 hours on the ground overnight. Is that enough?

Once the ratio is over 100% it should be ok.

Are they very old aircrafts?

They are aging. Around the 13-15 age.

13-15 years is okay. So you if you have Helvetic, and your planes rests 6 hours every day, I see no problems.

the planes have to be rested at base/home/ airport, or it does not matter???

doesn’t matter. just mind a minimum time of two hours required for maintenance to take place.

I have one question about maintenance

i bought airplane yesterday, he was in Amsterdam, condition 57%

i transferred him to my hub same day, and he was now 24 hour grounded because wait for first plain schedule tomorrow morning - schedule is active for 7 days in week

question is:

why his not repaired in this 24 hours waiting ? condition is still 57%

the condition will only be updated when the next flight leaves. your a/c will be at 100%

thx for info