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My aircraft have packed schedules during the day with no time for maintenance so i leave a big gap for it from 2400 to about 700 oclock for each aircraft… is this okay? are they getting repaired?


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if you have maintenance ratio 100+% it will work

Thank you! Most of my aircraft have ~200% maintenance ratio - I’m assuming thats fine!

Thanks again.

actually its not so fine :) . You’re loosing a lot of money, as your aircraft are parked, while they could actually fly and generate more revenue for you. Try to add a couple of additional flights, so that the ration goes to about 110%-120%…

If you are going to be running at 200% I would suggest spreading out the schedule to allow transfers, rather then have 1 large block of flights together. I run plenty of aircraft at 200% and would hardly say that I am losing money when 50-75 percent of the passengers are to/from connections since the total revenue generated is not reflected on that specific aircraft. If you increase the amount of flights on an aircraft, you might start losing passengers on other flights.

hey guys all of my planes have a maintenance ration above 100% but the condition just keeps on going dropping and dropping

The condition will deteriorate until the aircraft enters its maintenance period. After maintenance, the condition percentage will update itself when the aircraft takes its next flight.

oh got it, i think it just updated…thanks!

What do you mean by the maintenance period. How can I see it. For me, I got a 767-300ER parked for two days and it simply changed nothing. People say that the condition will be back when you take off, but definitely no, the guy just flew away with lower than 50% condition. Driving me crazy. Help!

did you hire a maintenance company ?

Yes I did, mine is African. The plane I started leasing on Feb 5th 07:15 Beijing time. Now it is Feb 14th 10:06. I have not operate the plane for 48 hours (past two days) and it just took off few hours ago. The plane is only 53% now and keeps dropping down. It is a 767-300ER flying from Beijing to Vancouver and back. Team, Please help me. Thanks

let me guess, you fly back and forth on six days a week and have one day off. well, turns out that maintenance is only conducted if the a/c has ar least two hours after turnaround and before takeoff.

this kind of information can easily be accessed via the wiki or the search function of this board.

do you mean that for every flight there must be two hour gap before it and after it?

No, not after every flight, but after an adequate number of flights there should be enough maintenance time. You have to try for yourself which is the best flight schedule for your aircrafts. There is no explicit right or wrong way in this simulation.

I suggest you to read the wiki.

Then see this thread please. Why such loose schedule brings about a consecutive downgrade and even no maintenance is provided. I am close to bankruptcy because flights keep being canceled!

I have a similar problem that I need help with.I leased a aircraft on 48% and transferred it to my Hub.I then scheduled in a couple days on the ground before its first scheduled service expected it to be worked on and ready to go but the condition has remained at 48%.Why? I have money for maintenance.

Please help.

One time is enough - please look into the other thread