Making A Flight

I started on Quimby a few days ago and when I try to schedule a flight say on a Monday and Tuesday and I go to activate the flight plan it says there is no flight assignment on Tuesday but rather Monday and Sunday not Tuesday which i wanted. Why is this ?

You have to choose the days. Then it should work. If not - perhaps I don’t understand what you want to say…

I scheduled a flight on days 1 and 2 and when I went to activate the flight it said no assignment for Tuesday (2) but rather it was scheduled for Sunday,monday. im wondering if its a bug or i'm doing something wrong. This occurred in all the other gameworlds as well

What time settings do you use? Longhaul flights?

Hub time (15 hours ahead), it was only a 2 hour flight

Change your settings to UTC please and look of it works then.

Yes! it works Thanks so much  :)

Does it not work for hub time then.

You may have to convert.

When would you use Departure offset.

? What do you wanna lnow ?

You would use the departure offset if you wanted to keep the same flight number, for the same routing, just at a slightly different time. Say you ran a 17:00 flight from LHR-AMS, Mon-Sat, but on Sun the 17:00 slot is not available, but 17:05 is. So on Sunday you would use +5

So I created a airline in Sydney a couple days ago and I play in Hub time. Every time I make a flight on say days 1,2,3 before 10 AM and I go to activate my flights, the system shifts them all a day back so they are then sunday,mon,tues  and i'm just wondering why that is.


See your other thread. Use UTC time Settings.

Yeah I know I can switch times that but i was just wondering why the days shift in HT

I can not find your airline or user account so it is impossible to take a look

Its Air Oceania Airlines on Riem 

Are you scheduling via Operations> fleet management or commercial>scheduling?

I would recommend fleet management if so.

Also as this is a duplicate thread (please don’t) I am merging them both

Yeah I tried both and the days were still shifted and I think when I activate the flights it reads as UTC (day before) not HT, is it supposed to ?

Ok. If you go Settings > Game Settings > Global time setting. Is that set to hub time?