Market and Exchanges

Hi, how is the price of a stock determined in Airline Sim? Is it based on market forces I.e. Demand and Supply, or is it based on a firm’s performance?

It's the latter. The daily stock price adjustments are merely based on the book value. However, stock trades can be executed within a price rage of +- 10%. (The reasons for these restrictions lie in the long history of cheating...)

Hi all,

I’m wondering about Markets and Exchanges.

  • Do I need to be on top of this?
  • What affect do they have and by how much?
  • How best to see / analyze the effects?

Here are my assumptions. Perhaps you can confirm or correct me.

  • Market prices (AGEX etc) will affect passenger numbers
  • Oil prices will affect profit
  • If oil is up, ticket prices may need to be adjusted
  • And lastly, don’t react too quickly, it may be just a blip
    Thanks :upside_down_face: