Hi all,

I just ran into the problem where I clicked on some buttons and accidentally bought a 18 year old plane for 50 million x2. I clicked on the loan purchse expecting another window but only realised I puirchased the aircraft when i looked into the fleet window and found them there. I then found I have a loan for 100million.


Maybe you need to put a warning box in there so if you click it comes up with a ‘are you sure’ box


i’ve got the same problem, somehow i’ve leased a plane just by browsing through the market.

That is highly unlikely.

You have to open the bid/immediate purchase drop-down and actively select a payment method. I doubt that this can happen "by accident".

Well, I thought it would change the prices when it dropped down. So I clicked on it thinking it would come up with a new window for a different purchase option. Because this was the first time I was looking at it, I didn’t realize what I was doing. Why would I buy an AC worth 10million for 50 million otherwise? I have been playing the game for a long time so It wasn’t a noob mistake, more an honest mistake from a long time player. I sent you a help request via the support window as I panicked after i did this and liquidated my airline. And now I have lost about 700million in capital in just 1 week. That is probably over a year worth of work.

I hope you can understand and help a long time player and supporter of yours out so not to ruin the game for me.



i wanted to see the leasing options, clicked on the checkbox where it says “sofortkauf” changed it to “leasing” and suddenly i’ve got the plane. why can’t you use the “confirm button” like it is on the normal market?

What do you want to see, what you cant see in the table to the left? There is already everything displayed!

I thought when the option came down (cash, lease, credit) it would change the prices in the table or something. I didn’t know that once you click on the option in the drop down menu, it would be the command to buy the ac. Maybe a warning should come up, ‘confirm you wish to make purchase.’

Know that i see how it works it in not a problem, it was just i hadn’t seen it before and therefore i didn’t understand what i was doing.

I hope that makes sense.


Just won the bids on two aircraft, and soon on a third, whats the process now? The aircraft are just sitting in the "Your Bids" window. This is for a lease by the way

Also not all asset management options are available for listed companies, I can see why but there should be an exception for wholly owned-listed companies, Or at least an option to de-list a company if the owner has a 100% stake in it.

I’ve bought planes to Transfer to my wholly owned subs and I can not, I am not sure that this was pointed out somewhere but even if it did it is still a rule that need reevaluation.

Also funds allocated to bid have to be freed once the bid is outbid, the initial bidder has to have the opportunity to express his/hers interest in another listing.

The funds will be paid back after the auction ends as this is a prevention to found dummy airlines to get out of a bid.

Good thinking, I haven’t thought of founding dummy companies to do that but you have it already covered. you have my gratitude on that.

So any thoughts on my wholly owned subsidiary remarks?

e: Why 20 year old 737-300 are more expensive than3 year old 737-700 when AS puts them on the market?

It’s on our mid-term to do list, but can’t promise when.

if I have been outbidden, is it possible to leave the auction and get the deposit back before it ends ?

Nope as it might be possible that the other one is going bancrupty and your offer is still active.

but the problem is as I see it, that there are currently some offers that are very low and there is a lot of participation among bidders. Therefor auctions will take many hours, if not even days. I think in real life, if people have been outbidden they can leave an auction as well. Maybe it would be possible to leave the auction after there have been two addtional bets (this would minimize the risk of bankcrupcy)

This would minimize the risk of not voluntary bankrupty ;)

In real life in auctions a bid is also valid until the deal is done - in some cases you have to deposit a specific amount before allowed to take part - but that’s another thing.

First of all, I really like the market and the bidding…

I also had the problem that I was probably a little to excited and made the same mistake as Mikk… I wanted to see what happened if I switched to leasing.

Luckily I losed the bid as it was not a plane that I really wanted. Question is, how long will it take before I get my money back?

Thanks in advance. It is a great idea but it needs some figuring out :D

edit: See a warning has been put in to place! Great!!

Once the auction ends, every bidder gets his money back.

The bid is still valid and in case the others bidding higher go bancrupty in between, your bid is the one … so you get the money back in the moment the auction is closed.

Thanks! Thought the plane was already sold, but it is off ocurse not finished yet.

Thanks for the help!