Minimal Transfer Time

I noticed some inaccuracy in Online Reservation System.

Even if any airport have minmal tranfert time ( for example 01:00h ) in ORS connect flight with less this time.

Minimal Transfer Time DOH: 01:00h


So ,what for is this Minimal Transfer Time ?


Is this a via flight? Or is it the same Plane on the next flight? In this case, the passengers remain seated in the plane.

I don’t think that’s the case. The filghts got different flight numbers.


AFAIK there is no such thing as minimum transfer time if the 2 flights are operated by the same aircraft.

You can easily click into his flight/route number to see if they are operated by the same plane. If so, no minimal transfer time.

It is the same plane. No doubt. ;)

As it seems to be the same plane, these 40 minutes are a result of the turnaround-time in DOH.

Is there a maximum transfer time?

8 hours on almost all servers but those two without ground networks.

Only one ;)