"Missing" Flights

I have recently started my airline and my flights come up as “Booked” in the load monitoring. Unfortunatly, the load factor is Zero. However, I couldn’t help but notice that my flights don’t show up in the Online Reservation System. The flights are scheduled and and activated. So I really don’t know why nobody wants to fly with my airline.

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Remember that the flight must start AND end in the next 72h.
The ORS only shows flights that are completed in the next 72h.

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Which server and which airline…

Euro Air (EUR) at Domination

Domination started yesterday. Check the time of demand calculation in your hub. Then and waiting a bit longer will either fill your planes or you have made another mistake.

I’m having the same problem, Plains Airlines in Quimby X
My long flights, CLT-LAS, ATL-SFO show up in the ORS, but the shorter ones, CLE-DFW or MSP-IAH don’t. Weird.

Seems you have changed your timetable so everything is to/from MCI? In which case it’s impossible to if there was a problem unfortunately

oops, should have clarified. everything connects through MCI. the connected flights aren’t showing up.

Perfect. So… Your ATL flight lands at 07:45, and your SFO flight departs at 09:00. The minimum connection time is 01:15. All looks good, however you have to remember we are dealing with computers, who work on exact values, but then simplify for us humans.

So what about seconds? Assume that you SFO departs at 09:00:00, with a minimum connection time of 01:15:00, that means your ATL flight would have to arrive at latest at 07:45:00. What is not displayed is seconds, if your ATL flight arrives at 07:45:01, then it is no longer a valid connection as it’s 01:14:59 connection, but 07:45:01 would still be displayed as 07:45.

A good technique is to add a minute to the minimum connection time to avoid this, so try scheduling an arrival at 07:44 instead.