Monday, February 27th, 2012

Starting the next data collection fpr the next data patch somewhen next month - Oceania


ICAO Code added for Kosrae

Time zone fixed for all airports

Passenger/Cargo number updated for Pohnpei


Time zone fixed


Slots fixed, jetways added


Position fixed for Apia Fagiali and Maota

Time zone updated (already done before)

Slots fixed for Apia Faleolo

Night time ban added for Maota

Runway length fixed for reopened Apia Fagiali (and also passenger/cargo numbers updated for this airport)


ICAO Codes added where missing

Position fixed for Ha’apai and Niuatoputapu (which will be removed for new game world because status remains unclear after natural desaster in 2009)

Slots fixed for Tongatapu

Runway length fixed for Niuafoou


(no changes)

and the US territories in the pacific:

Time Zone fixed for Midway Island

Slost fixed for Guam, Midway island, Pago Pago, Rota and Tinian

Jetways added for Guam and Saipan

Runway length fixed for Rota

Passenger/Cargo numbers updated for Guam and Pago Pago

And last for today - Fiji Islands

ICAO Codes added, where missing

Position fixed for Cicia, Mana Island and Ngau Island

Slots fixed for Suva

Runway length fixed for Bureta, Kadavu, Koro, Lakeba, Mana Island, Moala and Nadi

Passenger/Cargo number updated for Nadi and Mana Island

Being based in Nadi/Fiji, will this update benefit my ops for Nadi or show little difference?

Isn’t that a weird question when the update will change the passenger and cargo number? …

[size="1"]Of course it does.[/size]

Not a weird question at all. It will change them, yes. But to a negative or positive effect?

To the real effect …


2003 - ???

2006 - 6,0 Mio PAX

2010 - 9,8 Mio PAX

2011 - 10,2 Mio PAX

(Reference: annual reports of Jorge Chávez International Airport)

Effects on AS after the update: not noticeable

It’s because it is only a half way update. … It doesnt change relative numbers between countries (and I guess / fear, also not between domestic cities), but does only share the 2003 total pax number to the current destinations, without taking into account, they got more or less!

I hope like you, that a real (total numbers) update will come in 2012. But I highly doubt it as there is not enough labour force in the AS team for this and other major fixes.

tried to mediateThe last weeks, your complaints could be read day by day, my teammate TimS yesterday, but that thing above definitly ends the constructive way of criticism, that is way too much and also completely incorrect. You should begin thinking about what you’re posting, otherwise I guess your posts will no longer be taken seriously at some point. Just hoping you find the way back to the constructive participation now.

Well, but Julstar seems to be right, doesn´t he? I mean, you are permanently saying that there is only one real programmer working on this game, and that the labour needed to fix everything simply isn´t there, and because of that we should be a bit more patient. So please, Ronaldo, read Julstars post again. I can not see anything there that is meant to offend you or the team. He is only speaking out the fact you have been telling us: Too little labour, too much to do.

WT*??!! Are you able to read and understand English??? I repeated EXACTLY the excuse / reason of the team there!!! Nothing offending, just a neutral statement, citing reality! … THERE IS NOT ENOUGH team capacity / labour force for fulfilling the self-defined plans and goals of the AS team. Period.

Ops, I just see sarn got my point! Sorry for "re-post"!

Julstar, repeating your argument several times, or typing in bold does not help anyone here, nor does it help to get the game forward. I guess rather the opposite could happen: Your way to argument may slow down the team.

And if you feel, the team has not enough capacity, as you can not change it, you will have to accept the situation as it is right now. Please stop repeating your point over and over.

I repeated it and wrote in bold as it was totally missunderstood above.

But probably you are right. Calling a problem will only make it worse. Tssss

Calling a problem over and over again does definately not help to solve it. I would greatly appreciate if you could just slow down a bit and so do most of the other users too. Is that really too much to ask for?

Yeap, i did. Anyhow, it was possible for me to do it without freaking out

Please, in cases like this, i will defend you and anybody else in this situation, but you must also mind the netiquette!

It’s an 8-month-old problem. No chance to slow me down any further … but I see that it makes no sence complaining. So I will let it be and draw my conclusions.

Oh, I did! "WTF" is a substantial part of my netiquette!

schon eine Woche Totenstille an der Entwicklerfront … entweder, ihr seit hart am Arbeiten … oder ihr habt uns vergessen! … Hoffe auf Ersteres!

[i]Edit: Und wenn ich dafür negative Bewertungen bekommen, muss ich ehrlich sagen, kann ich nur noch über solch Schmalsinn lachen :excl:

Aber macht ruhig weiter. Für solch "negative" Kommentare, sammel ich sie gerne! …[/i]

Edit: Beitrag gelöscht …aber einen +. für julstar…