Moving everything


I want to move almost all of my airplanes flight numbres and staff to a Subsidairy really the only thing I would like to keep in CBE Airways is a couple new planes whithout schedule. I would like to move all CRJs, Saabs and all staff, flight numbres and offices to a new subsidairy called CBE Airways Regional. Is this possible whithout having to reschedule all the 77 planes and there flight numbres? I want this to be more logical and like the real world to have the Saabs and CRJ in a regional subsidairy and the holding company should be the main airline like in real llife.

To say it more clearly I want to move everything and start CBE Airways completely clean.

If this does not work is it possible to change the name of the original CBE Airways to CBE Regional Corporation and create a completely new holding airline (CBE Airways)?


Are they leased aircraft? In which case no way to transfer.

The best way like you suggested is just rename your current and start a subsidiary. To change name usually the easiest way is to report your own airline in the box on the bottom right of your airline info page



I do also have a company where I would prefer to move flights to a subsidiary but I keep the old structure because rescheduling 200 aircraft is simply something I do not wish to undertake.

There’s also the matter of staffing concerns. You can’t transfer staff between companies, so you will have to terminate your existing workforce (and pay severance), while hiring an equivalent number of employees for your subsidiary.

When I was a small airline, I didn’t have the resources to terminate all my staff and get aircraft for my subsidiary. Now that I’m big enough to have the resources, I don’t have the energy to do it.

Yes exactly, money is not the problem, the energy and time required fir it is, though.

So is there no way to create a new holding and make CBE Airways (holding) to a subsidiary? Can I then lease aircraft whit the subsidairy and transfer them to the holding? Or directly transfer money to the new holding and lease the aircraft whit the holding directly? It has happened in real life to create a new holding look at IAG.

Well, you cannot do a corporate inversion in airlinesim

Thank you very much for your help and problem solved. CBE Airways will change name and a subsidiary will be the new CBE Airways flying whit A320s.