Multiple destination

Hi everyone ,

It is possible to have a flight with a double destination ?
Like for example , XXX - XXY - XXZ , return flight XXZ - XXY - XXX .
In that case , do the XXY-XXZ (or XXZ-XXY) is accounting for a “connecting flight” ?

Thanks for your help

Welcome to the forums, Zeke!

To answer the question, yes*.

You’re able to create a “via” flight, which means you use one flight number to serve two legs of a flight.

A couple of caveats.

  1. Traffic Rights will apply. Check this, in case you weren’t familiar with them: Traffic rights :: AirlineSim Handbook

  2. The flight cannot touch the same airport twice. So you can’t do an AA-style flight number like DFW-BOS-DFW.

  3. For the purposes of the ORS’ three segment limit, each leg will count as one segment - so the full flight number counts as two segments for the ORS. There will be no connection time minimum if passengers want to “stay onboard” at the intermediate stop (and they can stay onboard even if the airport says no connection) but the times will apply as normal.

How to do it:

If you schedule using flight plans:

If you do flight numbers in flight number tab:

you cannot schedule via’s from scheduling tab.

Hope that helps. Leave any further questions below!


Yes ! Thanks a lot !!

I don’t think this is very common right? I think most players just have direct flights because via flights score worse in ORS. I guess even in real life is not common.

Well , it’s not common between larges cities , but I saw many of them from large airport to small ones in remote area , or less popular destinations .

Usually they’re limited to when they’re needed for Yamoussoukro or CARICOM rights. I’m not sure it really matters for the ORS the specific way you schedule a city pair like that. Compared to a nonstop, yes it will probably be less popular; but a via flight and two separate numbers I imagine would not make a difference?

I will try when my airline will have some money to take risk lol!

If you do it - do it without via. Do it direct. It´s much more easy if you want change the route later (f.e. exchance XXZ with XXW)

I´ve done it several times in the past, to avoid useless standing times for my planes (and get a better maintenance ratio) or fitting better into a hub-wave or because of missing slots or because of bypass a night-time curfew…

For expample i had have this Routes from my hub BHX on two planes:

Birmingham > Milan > Brindisi > Milan > Birmingham.
Birmingham > Luton > Palma > Luton > Birmingham ( > Palma > Birmingham)

No Problem, seats selled, maximum used plane. Passengers can connect to other flights in Milan or Luton (when availible) or still keep seating to Birmingham, but as far as i remember, most Passengers did not connect. But as mentionend before, my goal was not getting people from Palma or Brindisi with a connection flight to Birmingham, but maximum plane using.

At the moment, i don´t have some of this flights so i can´t show you my flightplans by screenshots. Because, this is not the common case, this have been execptions for the named reasons. I try to avoid this, but sometimes it necessary. Because planes earn money only when they in the air. :wink:

Vias are only usefull for flights within Yamoussoukro or CARICOM rights, as @jetcruise0707 mentionend before.

One other reason: with via-flights, you can schedule more flights as it takes only 1 flight number. I can’t remember the server but there is one Russian airline which has scheduled only via-flights. Amazing setup but also a lot of work.

This is something I’m noticing more and more of. The more flight numbers the better.

However, it is a pain in the a** to manage vias, especially when we do ASES. It creates empty O/Ds.
I had a MAD-FNC-PXO (since been replaced with MAD-FNC), and it created data pairs for MAD-FNC, FNC-PXO, and MAD-PXO (which I do not serve), so that would always cause bottlenecks.