My holding is in debt and I have no idea why

My holding airlines just got a rescue loan and I have no idea why?

The only thing new that I have done was transfer an aircraft I owned to my holding so I could lease it out. Never assigned it a route or used it. 

Can someone explain why.

Link to holding:

You have 8 staff that need paying weekly

If you own an aircraft you need staff that takes care of it. These get hired automatically after some time (if you don’t transfer out the aircraft immediately).

You will have to transfer some money to the holding or you will loose your group.

How can you transfer money?

You buy an aircraft fully with cash (no leasing, no loan) with your daughter company. Then use the asset transfer tool and transfer it for free to the holding. In the holding, sell the aircraft back to your daughter using the asset transfer tool.

Repeat until you have enough money in the holding.

Shouldn't the leased out plane also provide some income that can be used to pay off the rescue loan?

Thanks to some help I have solved the problem and have figured out what happened. Thanks for all the help everyone.