My Plane has 0% passengers

Hey I was just wondering why my flights have no passengers. They have been booked for a while, and my flights are between ATL, DEN, JFK, and ORD which are three very large airports. I am using a 737 with 24 first class seats, 42 business seats, and 83 economy. I am cheaper than all the other airlines, so what am I doing wrong?

Server and Airline?

But I would bet, you use low-quality seats or you have no flight rights in the US.

It's Affined Airways on Devau, I guess.

Standard seats for all classes - that won't work for Business and First. Maybe for Economy, if your Service is good enough.

I am using standard for all classes, so I'll change that.

I tried that but my flights are still empty. What else should I try?

You are not allowed to use anything smaller than comfort seats for business (and less so for first) as per last year's "small seats for premium classes" regulation.

I tried that but my flights are still empty. What else should I try?

You won't see any difference for the next 3 days, seat changes take affect for the new flight instancing, so when the flight instancing happens for your flights (for 72 hours in the future following the departure time) you will see seats changed in the flight tab. After that, you must wait for 3 booking waves (one per 24 hours), so you will actually see the results in 6 days (if the changes did indeed have any effect).


One more thing: your company was set up yesterday at 23.07 UTC (7 nov 2014) in ATlanta. You opened offices at 02.27 am UTC today (8 nov 2014), so that means your schedule was not activated until maybe 02.30 am UTC (8 nov 2014) as the earliest. Your first departure is at 09:00 am UTC (04.00 am local time), so the flight instancing booked your flights for 09:00 am UTC on Sunday and 09:00 am UTC on Monday.

Atlanta has demand calculation at 02:20 UTC, and I see you have activated schedule with immediate activation. This means you will not see any bookings out of Atlanta until past 02:20 UTC early Sunday morning. The bookings that will be booked 02:20 am UTC Sunday, will be based on the ratings your flight was given with the old seats.And 24 First class, and 42 business class seats is an overkill. I would start with 0 first class and maybe 15 business class seats as a maximum.

Edit 2:

I also see your schedule is really strange, running a triangle all over on different days... you will get very few bookings this way. I suggest you watch youtube tutorials first (dedicate it a few days of your time) and read some threads on the forums ... go back a year or so, then set up your airline again. You will have much better chances of succeeding.

Edit 3:

Youtube tutorials (thanks to AS player "YB"):

(Take 1)

(Take 2)

(Take 3)

(Take 4)