My route (in need of guidance)


I am ml3. I just started the route in Riem. How will I do in the next week? Will I get most of his passengers of what?



I can see that by charging normal price, you get 90% booking on economy and 25% booking on business class. 

However I kinda doubt that it will profitable, especially for new airlines you really need extra cash to be able to grow.

Your competitor on the DOH - MLE route is an airline with extensive connection DOH, getting 100% booking even though he charge 30% higher price while offer similar seat product and inflight services.

Maldives with basicly 0 domestic market definitely rely on international traffic, so flying to two biggest and nearest hub make sense to fly in tourist to Male. My suggestion, charge the same price or slightly lower from your competitor and interline with some airline in DOH and DXB to help feed your network.

I shamelessly send an interline using my Doha-based airline, hope it helps and since I don't fly to MLE, it should be mutually beneficial. Just make sure your flight land in DOH before 12.00LT and depart after 13.00LT to benefit from my connection.

Good luck!


I am based in AUH and fly to MLE two times daily and my flight easily fill up to 100%, even though I charge higher prices then you do. I will soon start a third daily flight to MLE, the reason that my flight are full is because the connections I offer, that is really key in this simualtion, especially to destinations like MLE. I would suggest you put a smaller aircraft on this route, you will be more succesfull I think. Good luck!