Mystery training costs

I've been charged $57,120 in training costs, but have no idea why. I've never been charged training before. I've recently added a new aircraft category, but recruited new pilots for it. The only thing I can think of is that I had 2 superfluous network planning staff from a collapsed interlining partner, and with the new aircraft started carrying cargo so needed cargo staff for the first time. Do non-flight crew staff automatically get trained to be shifted around positions? And if so, why have I never seen this charge before?

Server is Fornebu.

That sounds about the same amount as it would cost to train one group (8 pilots) for one plane. Are you sure you had enough pilots hired? I try to hire before training, but sometimes I can forget and there's no pilots to hire. Also, the cost would show up if you hired out a different type pilot and trained them to work on your planes (like traning a CRJ pilot to fly EMB planes).

I'm lazy and have the automatic hiring of pilots- so I thought I shouldn't need to train? Or have I missed something important? Are there are finite number of (in this case) Airbus pilots in my home country so I had to train some new ones?

If there are no pilots available for the category, random citizens will be kidnapped off the streets and trained at gunpoint to become pilots for your airline. Of course, the mafia will charge you for this service. That's what you have been charged for.

P.S. I have heard that Colombians and Mexicans can do the kidnap job a bit cheaper than the Italians and Russians. Might be worth checking that out ...

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It depends on if there are any unemployed pilots available. I don't think it matters what country you are in. Country sets the average and expected salary. If you look in the Pilot Management screen and see unemployed Airbus pilots, then you would hire out of that pool. If you have your automatic hiring on, you would automatically hire and train pilots if there are no unemployed pilots available.

I disable the automatic hiring of pilots, if there aren’t enough pilots of a type that I need, I’ll hire eight pilots of another category and retrain them. Retraining an existing pilot of another type costs half the cost of training a new pilot. You can do the manual pilot assignment procedure with as little as two clicks, depending on the number of aircraft to staff.