Need An Interlining Agreement!!!

I am knew to this and i hear that having an agreement can help u starting out!! Also i am based out of MSP and am using 757-200 I have only 1 route right now this consists of 3 flight from MSP-ORD. I am after 3 more 757-200. How do u determine the pricing. Do u use default or what setting work? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



I would recommend starting at default. After a week of 100% sales then bump the ticket price up to 110%...a week more...120% etc. Most routes you will be able to get up to between 100-150%

I recommend to you that the 757 is an unsuitable aircraft to start business as a newcomer. It is in your own interest to select smaller airplanes at the beginning. The 757 needs enough traffic to be suitable. This is my personal experience. My main company currently operates 29 Boeing 757s (and the 757 is doing fine) but this is only possible due to my network from my main hub and the 757 is the main workhorse for long hauls due to the fact that I am too stupid to operate widebodies profitably  :blush: (the high performance of the 757 enables me to serve long routes with appropriate loads).

Good luck!