New aircraft - unwanted seats automatically installed

So… in my game settings I have chosen NOT to automatically install seats on my newly ordered aircrafts (at least I thought I did). I made my setting as below, and I expected to avoid a fee for seats installation to be charged already when placing order (I preffered to install seating later, before confirming a flight schedule)


But somehow, I was unexpectedly charged for seating installation already at the moment of placing an order. Unfortunately I was running on a tight budget, so the unexpected extra fee for seating installation resulted in losing one of my leased aircrafts, because a few dollars were missing for my weekly payment… :rage:

I lost multiple flights and quite a lot of money, so I do not have to say I wasn’t very happy…

Can anyone tell what happened? Is this a game glitch, or did I misunderstood how those settings work?

Anyway, I think that it would be a good idea to have a clear infromation on what exact amount of cash (including all extra fees) is going to be deducted from your account BEFORE confirming the order, so you could have a chance to withdraw from placing the order.

It’s just a case of the wrong setting, bud.
What you’re looking for is this: image

The setting you showed earlier only prevents from applying a configuration you set as ‘Default’ in your cabin-config menu. If you don’t have any set up, then if this is on, it will create one for you and still apply it. Turn this off too :slight_smile: