New Airport: Mexico City Santa Lucía Airport

Yesterday a new airport was inaugurated: Mexico City-Santa Lucía Airport. Officially it’s Felipe Ángeles International Airport and shortened to AIFA but no one will call it that because not a lot of people know who this namesake even was.


AIFA has two runways of 4,500 meters in length, separated by 1,600 meters, allowing simultaneous take-off and landing operations. The apron has twenty-eight contact parking positions, twelve remote and five open apron positions. H-S connections all the length of the ramp for optimal operations.

From the AP: Mexico president opens new, and distant, Mexico City airport - Los Angeles Times (

Of course CONVIASA hops at flying anywhere it isn’t sanctioned: Conviasa begins flights at the new Santa Lucia Airport -

According to information obtained by Aviacionline through Cirium, it will have an offer of up to 13,888 seats per week, meaning that AIFA will serve 1,984 passengers per day or 569,408 travelers until December 31, 2022.

Flights and airlines available at the new Felipe Angeles International Airport in Mexico City (AIFA) -

Just so we have a minor idea of demand points if we weren’t to employ sole arbitrary demand.

Apparently its large cargo center also popular with cargo airlines, and Delta will be next. But who knows with AMLO, professional at fluff… [redacted rant]. But this opening and everything is real.

Just as an idea as I assume there will be some demand to have an alternative point to other Mexico City Benito Juarez Airport, as in IRL in most older worlds the original airport is packed and a bit slot restricted.

Google Maps puts it at 19.756253160188482, -99.00112727109737.

Just another one to add to a future patch if possible :slight_smile:


Thank you for this research. Let’s hope it’s another option for Mexico and as connection-enabled airport.

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Hey, thanks for the details on the new airport! I’ll add it to the suggestions for future additions :slight_smile:

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