new and Bad at this game!!

every time I start a new airline and i tried like 10 times I just fail, people dont come to my flights, in most flights I have 0 bookings and im losing money fast. I want to try again and play the new world today but I just dont know how to play, i have seen tutorials in your wiki and youtube but it just doesnt work for me!! is there anyone that is good in this game that can help me and guide me while I start?

at first it would be nice to know in which country on which server with which planes on which routes you started in the past? :)

I started most of the time on the newer server in diffrent countries like greece, israel. usa. bosnia I think and I flown like 200-1000 km routes… but this was the past… can you pls guide me this time and tell me what to do? cause I always ran out of money.

this time im starting at tel aviv israel.


What planes do you use? What route did you set up from Tel Aviv?

A great set of tutorials.

watched it many times… doesnt help me…

OK, before you start, you need few thinks

  1. minimum airport small with 4 green stripes for passenger

  2. then go to internet and look for that airport, witch company and where fly in RL

  3. route between capital city’s are always best

  4. start with 3 planes max

you can start with

Dash 8 - 400A for route up to 1000 km


737-700 or A319 for route 300-2000 km

when you create schedule look for maintenance ratio, must be 100-150%, if is bigger then 170% tray to create additional flight

keep in mind to save 1.000.000 AS$ for reserve so you can survive first 2 weeks

do not use planes older then 15 years (maintenance and fuel cost will give you heading)

k here is my airline:

and this is the first time I fill my flights so fast but im still losing 200-400 dollar every flight… what should I do? I have 8.000.000 AS $ left… what should I do to be efficient?

well raise ticket price, i see you don’t have competition on this line

and BTW, use bigger aircraft on TLV-ATH


thanks. si should I buy a large aircraft like 737/A-319/20? cuase a lot of people say newbies shouldnt buy such big airplanes.

on big airports use big aircraft

Aircraft with <70 seat use only on farm airport or with 1 or 2 green stripes

if you connect to airport who have 4 or more green stripes you can use 737 and A32x,

thanks! but how can I be sure the flights will fill up?

connect big airport

so you are in TLV

connect ATH, IST, Rome, Zurich, Frankfurt (FRA), Paris, Berlin ets

So create flight schedule for example







And repeat until you have 100% maintenance

And look here

who fly to TLV and from where

k thanks… im already connecting athens to eilat and larnaca but its not enough… I will buy 1-2 A320-200 havy and will connect them. how can I use deamend calculation?

  1. green stripes on airport - airport transfer (Basic demand)

  2. age of aircraft - older planes (20+ years) - negative points from passengers -> lower ratings -> empty plane

  3. cabin configuration and service - better seats, and better service -> more score -> more passengers

  4. bigger planes have better passenger score

but bigger airplane cost more money? how can I make profit?

yes you can

Raise price from default +10-15% and you can cover

if you raise +20% from default you will make extra profit, but for that use calculator and detail spec on flight

what do you think: ?

Route managment

Scheduled flights

Full right you have details (you have here complete flight stat)