New data Base


I noticed that not all servers received the data patch regarding the new Airport flight connections.

So is it done on purpose that all servers since 2013 and younger have the new flight connections database but the servers from 2012 and 2007 do not?

For example
DIY on Aspern received the patch and has now Transfer YES (Server started 2013)

DIY on Pearls received also the patch but still Transfer NO (Server started 2012)

Mr Bosun

I see the same thing on Idlewild, looks like airport sizes have not been updated

Airport sizes are never updated, because such changes would cause utter chaos to airline flight plans. The reason being that turnaround times are directly dependent on the airport size.

Unfortunately, the transfer capability also depends on airport size (any airport size 4 or larger). We’ve had it on our list for ages to make this a separate attribute, and I might just take care of that sometime soon.

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That would be great Martin, if transfers were separated from airport sizes, as there are now many airports in real life that serve as hubs but are transfer impossible in AS.

Out of curiosity, which airports are you thinking of?