New Long-Term Game World in June: Help us Pick a Configuration!


Hey everyone!

Today, we’ve got some exciting news to share as the long awaited new long-term server is finally on the horizon! We’re planning to release the server on 23 June 2023, which gives us some time to think about the configuration… Which is where you come in!

In order to help us settle on the server’s settings, we’d like to know your preferences - feel free to share them down below!

To give you some ideas, those settings can include: The countries open for investment, initial holding capital, amount of allowed holdings per account, demand level (in %), slots (single / double), the presence of nighttime bans / IPOs, the selection of aircraft that can be ordered as new / from the used market etc.

Those are just a few examples - we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas! :slight_smile:


Hey zusammen!

Heute haben wir gute Neuigkeiten für euch, denn der Start des lang erwarteten neuen Langzeitservers steht endlich vor der Tür! Wir planen einen Release der Spielwelt am 23. Juni 2023, was uns etwas Zeit gibt, um über die Konfiguration nachzudenken… Und hier kommt ihr ins Spiel!

Helft uns dabei, das Server-Setup festzulegen, indem ihr eure Wünsche und Präferenzen unten in den Kommentaren postet!

Die konfigurierbaren Einstellungen können sein: Die investitionsoffenen Länder, das Startkapital, die Anzahl der erlaubten Holdings pro Konto, die Nachfrage (in %), die Slots (einfach / doppelt), das Vorhandensein von Nachtflugverboten / IPOs, die Verfügbarkeit von Flugzeugen, die neu / vom Gebrauchtmarkt bestellt werden können usw.

Dies sind nur ein paar Beispiele - wir freuen uns auf eure Ideen! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for asking our opinion!

Please include used aircraft and do not limit aircraft types to only current ones. Many, if not most airlines still utilize aircraft that aren’t being made anymore, but still have plenty of life left. It makes it much more enjoyable, fun, and realistic.

Thank you!


Thank you for asking! I would love the ability to do IPOs and invest in the mock market, it would make the game more realistic and easier to grow.



First of all, thank you for create a new long term world. In my opinion, I think that only current aircraft should be avalible to get brand new, meanwhile older aircraft could be purchased or rented on used market. Also, the demand could be 100%, double slots, IPOs avalible, nightime bans, and a higher amount when you start.


I prefer no old aircraft just to slow down the growth of the airlines in the early days as it would give those who created their airlines early a big advantage


First of all, thanks for asking! This is really appreciated!

My proposal with reasoning:

  • Countries of investment = yes - Reason: Equal possibility for each player, even with not good start HUB location.
  • Initial holding capital = 20 Mio AS$ - Reason: At the beginning, it would be faster growing possible.
  • amount of allowed holdings per account = unlimitted - Reason: Possibilities to try different strategies. If someone wants only one, it is up to him/her.
  • demand level (in %): no idea, but would start like with Otto X
  • slots: double: Reason: it is annoying (like at Limatambo) if a gamer will start later in the year, and he/she has no possibility to be at a good 10er or 9er or 8er Hub. I can tell you, this is frustration.
  • the presence of nighttime bans: no nighttime bans: Reason: equal possibilities
  • IPOs: No - Reason: In none of the existing and private worlds, which I have played, it was really working as players are not interested primarily, as focus is at administration of the fleet.
  • the selection of aircraft: Only new ones which are still in production. Reason: Equal possibilities and strategy counts!
  • Loan aircrafts (Gebrauchtmaschinen): No, reason: This is just luck when you are online and aircrafts are available or not available. Not good for gamers with strategic approach.

This is my proposal.

Good luck for the good “selection”

BR Lunaxy.



I would really love if it weren’t possible for people to purchase very old airplanes. It isn’t very fun trying to build a modern airline when people have fleets of 200 DC-8s 2 weeks into the game while some of us have 8.


Used aircraft at start, country open for investment

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Hi,in very short way:

Old airplanes (make it more realistic)
10-20 millions (doesn’t really matter)
100% capacity
Double slots
Open countries

This is my wishlist

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I prefer it to have older aircraft to start, making it more realistic but perhaps include British vintage aircraft like the Trident and VC10 - which are missing.

Double capital to start and / or options to take loans

In the cabin service menu it would be nice to have a low-cost-carrier option to have meals/snacks/drinks that are charged to customers which could be an inflight revenue stream.

On double decked or large aircraft it would be nice to be able to offer more than one type of economy seating, premium economy and standard etc to be more realistic and to give different price points.

Fuel hedging

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As real as it gets.

Gewisse Anzahl gebrauchter Flugzeug


Realistic amount of old planes but with a max of maybe 5 aircraft that can be bought per day. This gives all players a chance to get used planes and not a few that dont sleep.
old planes only what is in the air today. So no 737-100 stuff or real old Ilyusin/Toupulref.
Keep it realistic. Dash 300 can be back.
20 mil to start.


I would love to see a realistic config, with IPO’s available but with used aircraft market of the last 30 or so years available! 100% demand that builds too.


Personal preferences:
Open countries: yes - important for long-term worlds

Initial capital: double - reduces the long wait times in the beginning of a world, but also needs proper measures to avoid airlines becoming monopolists

Allowed holdings per account: one - offers more possibilities for new players instead of the worlds hotspot getting flooded by multiple accounts

Slots: single with improved measures against blocking

Nightban: yes

IPO: yes, maybe with measures against too much power of single players / monopolies

Used aircrafts: Yes, with maximum buy limit per day

Aircraft selection: a bit more than current servers, so aircrafts like DH1, which are still in use for commercial aviation even today, can be bought

And a wish: Limitation on interlining agreements and/or a different cost-model, avoiding big airlines use smaller ones as cheap feeders which makes them stronger

Thanks for asking the crowd and really looking forward to be a part of the new world.



Cant wait :slight_smile:

  1. All countries open for investment

  2. 20Mil initial capital

  3. 4 holdings per account

  4. Increasing demand over time

  5. Double slots

  6. No Night time bans

  7. IPOs yes,

  8. Only new/modern aircraft… but have second market for likes of still in service but no longer produced aircraft (737NG, A320CEO, A330CEO, 747-400, A380…Etc)

  9. Make it easier or possible to transfer aircraft between holdings if its possible

Thanks, and happy to see our input being put towards the next game :slight_smile:


Great idea to ask the crowd!

  • For the investment, I think list A or B is overdue for a comeback. I understand the dangers of this in some degree as airlines grow and grow and grow, but it would be nice to revitalize some markets where airlines simply do not grow after 1-2 years in. (Maybe a new list D, with some minor revisions to A B and C??). Open investment and domination style stuff will be a nightmare, you could just go bully anyone you wanted, people would let it get to their heads, especially if there’s no time limit.

  • Holding limit 1.

  • Raised starting budget would be nice, I think especially if you don’t have too much of a UM. It seems the $20m is popular.

  • Unless you all have figured out the very prevalent and well known issues with the IPO system that forced you to sunset it from public use, keep that off.

  • Maybe a age limit of 10 yo for used market? Even if the plane is older than this, just so that there’s no absolutely rock bottom contracts. The plane types proper keep modern ish, as the economics of some of the old planes have been missing severe inflation adjustments, and I don’t think it will be worth to mess with all this with the other one around the corner.

  • the rest of the stuff, usually I’m quite indifferent, you work around it.

The big one is pace. Don’t set it up as if the world is ending in 8 months. No player needs 100 planes by 30 days.

and is the patch coming with this too? :smile:


Startkapital: 15 Mio
Gebrauchtmaschinen: nein
Maschinen Auslieferungszeit: 300%
Nachtflugverbot: ja
Slots: 300%
Verfügbare Maschinen: alle die von 2003 - Jetzt produziert wurden


More slots would also be cool with the new ORS, as it would be more difficult to slot-lock others out of competition.

Not entirely sure if we should raise the starting capital and have used aircrafts at the conception of the GW - it would only speed up the rate at which airlines grow.

It would be nice if “modern” planes and not only planes in production are available for purchase. What amounts to “modern” is debatable, so long as some niche / alternative aircrafts that were pushed out of production due to lack of interest from operators in recent years are available for purchase. (I was thinking of Avro RJ, CRJ, ERJ, Fokker 50/70/100, Saab 340/2000, BAe ATP, EMB-120, Dash 8-200/300, A300/310/340/380, 717, 747, 757, MD-11)

It would also be great if countries that see very little interests in past AS GWs are made open investment.

I would also like to see demand being set proportionate to the time the GW has been created (something like 50% at the start of the GW, and a 10% increase every year afterwards). The increase in cost for AS as a result of the higher demand in the future could potentially be offset by the availability of cheaper computing power and having new niches becoming economically viable every now and then to attract new players to join this GW as it matures.

Edit: Also a suggestion for its name: Yeouido, named after the defunct airport in Seoul, South Korea


It is a very kind full idea to ask in the Forum for wishes for the future configuration. At first I like to remember the German Forum (and I am sure some others too) is full of Suggestion.

Lower % of demand level
Only new Aircraft available to order
Only one Holding per account
Money demands on size of the Airport FRA,LHR…10 Million, and with every less point 3 Million AS$ more
Night fly banns
Integration of the ban of flight between russian and “western” Airports
Stockexchange - do not mind if yes or not but no longer 30% take over for flight rights policy
No cheap leasing from private companies
Countries like Ukraine out of open for investment
Normal slots - and not all available for one account to avoid 2 or 3 Airlines only on a mega airport

Best regards


Hi, looking forward to the launch of the new world. Here are my opinions reg. configuration with most important points marked in bold:

Countries open for investement only acc. to the new list with Ukraine, Argentina, Colombia etc. not open for investment. Especially those aforementioned are huge marcets, that should not be open for investment.

Initial capital: 10.000.000 as usual on the old servers

Demand: normal

Night curfews: YES! realism is key for me in AS and this is part of the real world

Slots: normal!! again, its only realistic to not having access to major hubs as a new airline. you have to adapt your strategy or wait until slots are available!

Preferrably one holding per account

Only current aircraft types for ordering, but older aircraft types available as used