New Long-Term Server: Collecting Name Ideas


Hey everyone!

Thanks a lot for all of your ideas regarding the possible configuration of our new long-term server!

As we’re getting ready to launch the game world, one important question remains unanswered: How should we name the new server? We already received a few ideas in our thread for configuration ideas, but we thought it might be nice to have a dedicated post.

Feel free to post your name ideas for the new server in the comments! You can also vote for names by liking a comment.

Please keep in mind that this just to help us with the brainstorming process, so we can’t promise that the final name will be one of the suggestions posted below.

Thanks again for your help!


Hey zusammen!

Vielen Dank für eure Ideen zur möglichen Konfiguration unseres neuen Langzeit-Servers!

Abgesehen vom Setup an sich stellt sich natürlich noch die Frage: Wie sollen wir den neuen Server nennen? Wir haben bereits ein paar Ideen in unserem vorherigen Thread erhalten, wollten für die Namensfindung aber einen eigenen Thread anlegen.

Hier habt ihr also die Möglichkeit, Namensideen für den neuen Server in den Kommentaren zu posten! Ihr könnt auch für die Ideen anderer abstimmen, indem ihr einen Kommentar liked.

Bitte denkt daran, dass dies nur dazu dient, uns beim Brainstorming zu helfen, wir können also nicht versprechen, dass der endgültige Name einer der unten geposteten Vorschläge sein wird.

Vielen Dank schon mal für eure Hilfe!

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Ich schlage mal TEGEL vor


I like to suggest “Freedom”

Palmietfontein Johannessburg SA

If the first letter is important. Wingfield SA

As mentioned in the other post, I would like to suggest “Yeouido”, the former airport for Seoul, South Korea before Gimpo was built.

Another name I came up with is “Essendon”, the former international airport for Melbourne.

btw, Taitak and Ellinikon are both used.

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Nome do servidor, indico: DESBRAVADOR

Does the rule “former airport with a free letter” still apply? Than we have B, J, O, Q, U, W, Y, Z …

May be
Butzweilerhof (Cologne)
Baiyun (Guangzhou)
Wingfield (Cape Town)
Wujiba (Kunming)
Yeouido (Seoul)?

Former airport name is a rule, free letter more of an added bonus :wink:

Former airport of Leipzig: Mockau

Nanyuan - the former second airport of Beijing, now replaced with Daxing. Was the equivalent of East Midlands, Frankfurt Hahn or Luton, just in China. No frills :slight_smile:

The new one is called the same :wink:

Another asian one:
Kokura (Kitakyushu)


Mirabel (Montreal)
Schönefeld (Berlin)

Waalhaven (Rotterdam)

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Butzweilerhof! Nice! :slight_smile:

SXF is really just BER T5…

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Kemayoran Airport was Jakarta’s old airport. Had 51 airlines and over 150 destinations when it closed in 1985. It was in the bang center of the city, DC-8s/727s literally took off meters above roads and houses. Very limited information on the airport on the internet, bar the wiki page, which does show the importance of the airport in Indonesian history


Nanyuan (Beijing)
Nanyuan was the first airport in China and replaced by Daxing Airport in 2019.

Agree with. Nanyuan was one of the oldest airports in the globe. It’s worth to be memorized.

What time will the new server start in GMT today ??

I figure it’s going to be late afternoon CEST.