New or old aircraft best?

I have a number of SAAB 2000s flying many routes for my African airline, they are all about 26 years old.

As the airline has been going for some time, I thought it about time to upgrade my fleet and introduce some brand new ATR72s.

Well that was a mistake apparently. The new ATRs on the same routes as full SAABs are getting very low passenger numbers? On some busier routes I still have both types flying and the SAABs are full and the ATRs nearly empty.

Any ideas what the issue is, as I am lost?

How long has it been since you have switched, because for 3 days the Saab routes will continue until the leasing is up

I still have a number of Saabs as current aircraft flying the same route as the ATRs so that’s not an issue.

I might be wrong (most likely), but the Saab is a fast aircraft, compared to the ATR, and subject to gameworld, speed seems to be king with the ORS. Have you compared your ORS ratings between Saab and ATR (on the booking system)

Gatow: JRO-DAR:
Rating 99 = 73G flights = 00:54
Rating 95 = S20 flights = 01:04
Rating 89 = AT7 flights = 01:16

If you have a monopoly, I’d imagine your AT7 flights would perform better once you remove the Saabs

I think you may have something there. I’ll try a regional jet on the route that’s faster than all of them and see what happens.

To be honest I seem to remember in Gatow having little success with Props, CRJs and ERJs seemed to work well. Good luck :slight_smile: