New ORS no passenger in big airport

No people buy my ticket, which between major airport, it is a busy route in real world.

Before we can help you, we need to provide the name of your airline and the server it’s on. Some questions before we start:

  1. Has it been at least 72 hours since you activated your schedule?
  2. Do you have traffic rights to fly the route?
  3. Are your prices low enough, or at market average?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’d need to either wait or read up on previous forum threads about passengers.


I am in Yeager III, I fly from Tokyo to New York, I have the highest score in ORS. I activated it . But almost no one fly it. It is a busy route in real world.

So you fail on point 1 of justplanebads post. Your main issue though is that you are attempting long haul with no connections. Try searching the forums for reasons why that’s not the best idea in the world

Because this route didn’t connection already have lot of people fly it in real world. It is terrible for basis data missing.

  1. You need to wait until the demand calculation run. For each airport it runs once per day. You find the time on the airport information sheet. Up to 3 runs will add passengers to your flights. Until the first run there are no direct passengers assigned (only transfer passengers)

  2. The game world starts with reduced demand, therefore it is hard to fill long haul aircrafts at the beginning

  3. The demand between Tokyo is partially distributed over other airports in the region. There is also a small demand from Osaka to New York in the game as example though there is no flight in real life. Some passengers that flies to New York are transfer passengers in Tokyo, the logic tries to simulate that.

There is no data missing. Since the fact that in real life it is a busy route does not necessarily mean that these are all direct passengers in real life.

Airlines have codeshare/interlining agreements in place to have connections in real life, as well as most large airlines use the so called hub-and-spoke system to get connections from short haul flights. These two things cause that the route gets busy.

Example: person 1 lives in Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and wants to go to Paris (CDG) and say there is no direct flight but one to Charlotte (CLT) with airline A. Person 2 lives in CLT and also wants to go to CDG and there is a direct flight from Airline A. And person 3 lives in Miami and wants to go to CDG, but there is only a flight to CLT from Airline B. Lastly, airline A and B have an interlining agreement.

Then person 1 and 3 fly to CLT and transfer to the flight to CDG, and the then I have 3 passengers on the same plane, though two of them are not direct passengers (connections through hub-and-spoke and interlining are not direct). Still to most people it looks like a busier direct route, because there are more passengers on board, however these people do not take the connections into account.

In AS it works the same, as you are probably not getting anywhere on long haul routes without connections. Take into account the reduced demand Jimmy mentioned and it gets even harder.

So let’s have a look at the real world route you are complaining is missing (rather than accepting you have done zero research).

HND-JFK is operated twice a day, one by All Nippon, one by JAL.

HND handled 87million passengers last year, you can safely assume that at least 75% travelled via ANA, JAL or their code share partners. So that means 65 million potential feeding passengers per year, or 178,000 potential feeding passengers per day from HND. You expect smaller numbers at JFK, but still a large number.

So back to HND, each airline potentially has 90,000 passengers per day from connections fill their flight from HND-JFK. You have a potentially zero passengers per day from connections…which would tie in with your old factor of zero (likely to be a few but likely to be a poor load without a short haul feeder). But ok…the data is wrong

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This might be OT and please accept my apology if it is.

I am currently in Quimby with a mega airline in CDG. Although I am not too sure about whether the patch applied to quimby or not, I have recorded a significant decrease in number of long haul passenger between transcontinental destinations a few days ago. Note that I have over 3k departures but still can’t sustain a daily 350-1000 between CDG and Tokyo. Even an airline with a size like mine suddenly encounters great trouble in filling those route. So for a user like the OP, I doubt that he/she can run a profitable long haul route.

I have the same problem. I’m also on Quimby and have around 1800 departures in IAD. Bookings on my longhaul flights are down from almost always 90-100% to around 20-30% without changing prices, service or anything else. Only longhaul flights are affected, the rest of my flights are still doing fine.

Same Problem! My entire Long and medium haul net from HGH collapsed! MUC, DFW, JFK, ATL, LAX and many others gone from 95-100% to something like 30 People in an A350-1000…

same question .i have 3900 departures in lax 3000 in jfk suddenly there are no intercontinental passengers

Same stuff! Catastrophic collapse on all my LR flights from DFW, and I am the biggest one there.

Same problem at ICN. Long haul flights that used to be very crowded and now barely make any profit.