New ors on existing servers

I have used the search function on this topic but did not havent found an official statement. So sorry for maybe asking again: will there be an update of the ors on xiguan for example? I dont want to hear that it is too difficult for mega airlines to update their unrealistic configurations. I have heard about that.

Simple answer is No.

Ok thank you. Are you an official or just well informed? Sorry for asking.

I am not an official. You may find something to read in the blog. And to be honest - you gave the answer yourself. It would be too much work to adjust it on existing worlds.

I just don’t understand why those new features will not be deployed on old servers. There might be problems with some features due to technical dependencies but “too much work for existing airlines” isn’t a reason for me. Just have a look at the servers. It will bring us new dynamic to the long established structure.

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Fc-08, i totally agree. Why do people have airlines if they dont want to manage them. Maybe updating xiguan would be an idea as it is not that old.

If you’re so keen on new ORS, just get a private server or join one of the current ones or join the new long term world with new ORS. Simple as that. And yours “I just don’t understand…” has a simple answer, it’s called Consideration for Grandfathered airlines. As in any service business, grandfathering is a reality. It’s a sound business decision made.

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That is what I will probably do. I just wanted to make sure before I start all over again.

Let me know when you wanna join a private server.

The biggest thing would be cabins and inventory pricing for most people. That’s a lot of money that would be for cabins, not to mention the days it would take for people to adjust all their inventories (not to even mention flight number specific)

I understand why there would be benefits, but the simple answer is most people don’t wanna do the tiresome labor. It’s come to that point in scheduling for me, not to even mention actually inventorying new routes. I can’t be asked to do it.

Where is the difference from last spring’s patch? That also cost me 500 machines and 30% turnover.

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That was demand adjustment wasnt it?

Yes - and has significantly changed the relationship between short-haul and long-haul, especially hub-and-spoke and direct flights.

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No grandfathering there :upside_down_face:

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The changes took me over 100 hours and they were the best in the last five years. From my side, the new ORS is welcome.


Would cargo be affected?

Think of it this way: The huge airlines would just swap bigger seats for smaller seats and adjust prices down. There would be substantial overcapacity but most big players would still be slightly profitable. Nothing would change they would still keep dominating, everything would remain the same but everyone would be worse off. I don’t see the point in doing something where the end result is the same as the starting point, but where everyone is worse off at the end.

As for as the demand update, I had very little work to do, as did most of my airline alliance partners. I had to adjust maybe 5% of the aircraft swapping for smaller ones and many smaller ones for bigger ones. It was not much work and maybe hundreds of hours of work were for those players who were mainly doing point to point. Me and my alliance partners being huge hub and spoke operators (Hello LIT) the end result of traffic numbers was very little different after the demand update than before it. Yes cargo airlines were hit substantially, but we don’t do cargo.

I assume that the relationship between quality, image and price would change similarly.

It’s simply a matter of bringing some dynamism back into the old servers. Not permanent dynamics, that wouldn’t work. Nobody wants to risk the airlines they’ve built up over the years.
But why not a radical change every few years? You almost fall asleep after a while.
Even the long-established airlines need a playground now and then. And the many countries that are open to investment tend to limit the space for potential new players.


And the many countries that are open to investment tend to limit the space for potential new players.

Oddly enough, the short-term worlds are now suffering from the inverse of this, all the markets are taken by a conglomerate or 2. I think that system (at least the list) needs a bit more balancing, or some form of reasoning as to why/why not markets are on the list. I’d like to see markets such as Uruguay, Guyana, and Micronesia added, since they’re all underserved both in AS and IRL - at least the latter 2.