New Player! Best Resources for Learning

Hey everyone. I tried a trial version of this game years ago, and dropped it because I didn’t have the money for it back then (high school years). Fast forward almost a decade and an email I received announcing the start of Limatambo brought me back. Bought some credits, and jumped right in.

Needless to say, I have NO idea what I am doing. I like the idea behind the game, and it is a big step up fro. AirlineEmpires, which I grew tired of last year. All that has become is a data entry competition.

Just wondering what you all think are the best resources are for someone starting up. I checked out a few YouTube videos, but being stuck on a cargo ship on a metered connection that comes and goes, streaming video (which is my preferred source of how-tos) isn’t very practical. Found some older blog posts, but I dont know how much has changed over the years. I assume like most anything, the concepts are still the same, but perhaps some finer details have changed.

Looking forward to getting on board!

Thanks in advance!

It’s not 100% complete, and not 100% up to date, but it might give you some insight.

Plus, my site is currently not working for a couple of servers.

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