New player, help and questions


I just started the game and I am playing in ELLINIKON since I was looking for an open ended world. I had a couple of questions:

  1. What are some good guides/resources for new players? I’ve never played before so I’m starting from scratch.
  2. Even from a limited time in the forums, I keep running into posts about how the larger players will just crush the competition, and there’s no way for new/small players to succeed, etc. I don’t expect to do amazingly any time soon, if ever. But I am curious if I will even be able to do just ok (i.e., survive, make modest profits, slowly grow) or if it’s really as hopeless as some of the forum posts make it sound.

Thank you!

Regarding point 2: I think it’s maybe a little harsh to suggest larger players crush newbies. Even as an experienced player I still do a lot of research before opening up. Generally I find the more research you do, the better you fair.

Not only do I suggest researching real world things such as routes, I suggest researching your game world and where there is space for you or a niche. A lot fail to do this and just open up in a big market with a lot of competition. You will find a lot of experienced players will be in the bigger markets and airports. If you can avoid these bigger markets, you reduce your susceptibility to competition, but can also grow at a slow rate, and learn the game well.

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Thank you. I appreciate your perspective. Like I said, I’m certainly not expecting to have explosive growth and huge profits. But it is good to know that there is room for smaller/starting players.

As far as a guide, is there such a thing?

Thank you again


Please read here :

IMHO you have choosen a fine niche on Ellinikon.
After you established a local (european) network you have the chance to offer flights from Lisboa
to prtuguese speaking countries in South America. Good Luck.

I’m on Ellinikon too. In case I can help you with my poor englisch you are welcome.

Thank you very much for the link and words of encouragement :slight_smile: I will review the blog and likely have additional questions!

Trial and error and effort is the best advice I can give.

You will restart many times before you get it right, dont just go in, do loads of routes and expect results straight away. Also you have to manage each flight, prices, ORS and connections on a weekly basis. Cut routes that dont work, or adjust prices and ORS rating.

The main rule for me though is connections are key.

Make sure to do a wave system out of your hub. The best system I learnt from other players is this:

Destinations = A+C
Hub = B

route A - B - C - B - A

You can check the connections from each of your flights on the schedule screen.