no bookings

hi, im currently playing in devau server, it has been 2 days since ive started a new enterprise in Malta. I have 3 73S planes & already set up 3 routes, but my bookings are still showing "0" on both passenger & cargo in all flights.

Did I do something wrong? Or it is normal not to get any bookings after 2 days?

I really need help here…


since devau is a very mature server with strong competition, particualarly in europe, and malta not being a major destination, it will be tough for you to fill up a plane as big as a 737.

you should always activate your schedule with a three day delay to give pax the chance to book your flights. and when starting on an established server, you should start out small with DH8, EMBs, CRJs, etc to build your hub.

for more detailed information, it always helps to post a airline name or even a direct link to your enterprise then chances are somebody is actually going to look at your airline and give you some hints.

here is my enterprise link,


I have set up 3 international routes outside EU (to Lagos, Teheran & Riyadh) & have no competition in those routes. And yes, I have activated the 3 days delay in the schedule, but up until now I still have no bookings at all.

heres also print screen of my route.


No Bookings.jpg


I don’t think that there is any demand between Malta an Teheran without the possibilty of connecting flights to other destinations :unsure:

Lagos, Teheran & Riyadh are probably destinations that absolutely nobody from Malta wants to fly to.

Check Malta airport in reality and see where airlines fly to, most of those destinations will probably work in AS too.

just picking up the actual flight schedule of Air Malta. There you can find some hints for your destinations.


Does it work that way, even if the pax demand on Lagos, Teheran & Riyadh show high numbers (6-7 green bars)?

How to determine the demand of which passenger to go where then?

Does it have to be the same as in actual world?

Anyway, Thanks for the schedule man…

AS uses real world passenger data. The numbers of green bars at an airport shows the total passenger or cargo demand at this airport. It doesn’t mean that you have high demand to and from all airports in the world.

Is it mean that if there is no actual airlines flying those routes, there will be no demand at all? We cannot make our own routes?

what about flying in the same cities? There are no airline flying into airport in the same city, but here I found many do this and it has demand right?

Whole Malta has only a population of 417.000, so it is not the best place to generate demand from the country itself.

But you can create your own network. It’s very important to have good connections between your own flights or with flights of interlining partners. For example, if no one wants to fly from Malta to Teheran with your airline, try to offer a flight from London or Frankfurt to Malta and from here you schedule a good connection flight ( with attractive on board service or fare ) to Teheran.

I don’t know Malta very much, but it may be a also good idea to offer flights to some countries in the neighbourhood like Italy, Greece or Tunisia. It is a lot of try and error, too.

Which is just not right. For instand LH is flying to London in London serving: LCY,LHR,LGW and I believe STN all ex FRA… LH is also flying EWR,JFK ex FRA… and that is just LH. BA f.e. has in LGW a base like in LHR and is flying from both to JFK even from LCY to JFK serving for sure ex LHR also EWR.

I will definitely try that, and thank you very much for the advice. It really helps me to understand the game…

I wish you success and luck with your airline. AS is based on the real world’s airline business, but it is not a mere copy of the real world. So you should have enough room for your own creativity and concepts

You might want to check out where your flights appear on the ORS too. I note that your flying with old 737s with a low passenger rating. It’s conceivable then that if this is combined with standard seats, low service levels and high prices that whatever demand might be between the two destinations opts to use a alternate route.