No cargo available

Hi All.

I am seeing something a little weird, so I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this.

I have a route, from a 4 bar to a 10 bar (cargo) airport.

I have three flights scattered through the day going in and out.

But, for the past week, I am not moving hardly any cargo. Maybe a couple of CU.

My prices seem okay, and I am the only flights on this route...

Is it possible that with all the other flights in and out of the 10 bar, there is no cargo left?


Okay then.......

Follow up to this.

Is there a way, when researching a route, that you can tell if this is the case, for either cargo or pax?


well, you can use the market analysis to see, if the competition can fill up the route. however, this doesn't mean you will, as the competition might have a major network to feed the route.

personally, I strongly recommend not to start with cargo as it is way tougher than pax service unless you happen to be very familiar with it - which, with all due respect, you yourself mentioned not to be.

build a pax airline and if that works you can still found a cargo airline. if you need information on how to start in the first place, check this link: AS for beginners

Yeah, I can see that.... I did start a pax in the trial. After purchasing credits I decided to give cargo a try.....  Manly to try and figure out game mechanics.

If it does not succeed, which may be the case, I will probably go back to pax again.

Gotta say this can be addictive.... Always wondering how it is doing.....

if you name the server and airline, I am sure, someone is going to have a look.

Well, I decided to start again with a passenger line. We will see how it goes.....