No passengers on returnflight


I have an question. yesterday i leased a new aircraft and make a flightplan.

Everything is good accept by 2 destinations.

The flights to london gatwick and liverpool are almost full but on the returnflights there are 0 passengers.

By other flights there are no problems.

What can it be?

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my guess would be, you only just started the game and activated the flight schedule without delay.

every airport only has its demand calculation for the next three days once a day, always at the same time. you can check that time on the airport page.

on first glance, I guess you only just activated your schedule last night, and so far, liverpool and gatwick didn’t have had their demand calculations yet, while amsterdam already did. so did dublin most likely.

Oke thank you very much for your response.

I will wait for same days.

I just refresh my webbrowser and the filghtplan is now fine!

London Gatwick13.11. 07:56 HTAmsterdam13.11. 08:45 HT29 / 101 (29%) 5 / 25 (20%) ----geboekt