No passengers on route between Dubai and Abu Dhab

Hi, I started an airline in Dubai in the Xiguan server and have created two routes, one to Abu Dhabi and one to Doha.

Evaluating the route is showing me that I have the rights to transport passengers between those airports and the flights are shown in the ORS and valued at a 91 rating.
But despite the demand update time in the airpots having passed, there is still not a single passenger to be seen.

Anyone any suggestions on what I am doing wrong and where I have messed up in setting up my airline?
Any help would be highly appreciated!
P.S.: Sry about my not so stellar English skills as it isn’t my first language.

Maybe because they are in the same ground network and pax can connect between those airports using public transport.

IRL DXB - AUH has 0 flights. There is probably no demand for that route

Thats true its too short.

And the Dubai - Doha Route?

check the ORS. If someone’s beating you, you’re screwed. Especially on X and especially with little to none OD demand.

The last demand update was done in 2019 - when the Doha blockade was in full effect. So most of routes from Doha to the ME rely on connections now. And no one’s connecting in your airline, that’s for sure…